New Artwork: Cheeky in the Sun

This piece was inspired by @zoemowry

If my iPad isn’t near me, I’m not being productive, case closed. I recently lost my stylus and it’s killing me. I can still draw with my fingertips but once you go stylus you never come back. I’m purchased a cheap little thing to hold me down for now. I’m trying to do my homework on which one I want to invest on. Yes, everyone loves the Apple pencil, but realistically, it’s only compatible with the iPad pro. Which is a complete inconvenience to me since I don’t own it. Which brings me to my second thought, should I get the iPad pro, or am I simply justifying the purchase so I can have the abilities of the amazing pencil? I’ve been doing homework non-stop and yes there are many other stylus’ that can do the job. But why not go for the best? (According to statistics, supposedly)

Anyway, we’ll see. For now this will do. I’m also putting myself on a tight drawing schedule. I want to produce new work every three days max. You’ll soon see that I’m sticking to it.

New Artwork| Without a Voice

Sometimes I forget to post new work, so irresponsible of me, I know.

This piece titled ” Without a Voice”  was something I actually did fairly quickly. She was something simple, demure and showed enough emotion without exaggeration. When I was done painting her, I noticed she looked asian, which I was pretty happy with and had no intent on doing. I’ve painted many latinas and women of color. This time I had something new to add to the mix, and this is just the beginning.

If you would like to purchase this painting, please email with the subject: No Voice

Art Show: Soel at Greenpoint Gallery

My boy Soel had his first solo art show and the crew couldn’t be prouder of him. Yes, it’s been a while since most of us have been in the same room together, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not there for each other when it really matters.

I met up with Chris and had a few beers and some mac n cheese with bacon at some tiny bar that looked like it was homed in the south. Their cornbread was pretty delicious as well.

We stopped by a deli and picked up more beers, this time I stuffed them in my purse, for you know :cough cough: “easy access”.We walked into Greenpoint Gallery and the walls were filled with Soel’s pieces. Graffiti inspired everything. Some inspired by the late Cheech Wizard. I fell in love with a water tower piece that I regret not paying for sooner.

While roaming the other floor (that had different artists) Chris and I missed our chance on two different pieces that we wanted to go home with.

When we got back to his floor, we ended up purchasing 2 items, that are now hung up and living beautifully at Chris’s.

Catching up with the fellas is always great, after the show we headed to a bar in Williamsburg to get some more drinks. The guys are hilarious, especially when it came to their freestlye rap battles.

New Body Art: Cyn City

2minxinxYou guys know exactly what I’m good for… and painting on boobs has always been one of my best qualities. ha! How many people can say that?

I got to finally meet and add some pigment on the cutesy Cynthia, she started off a bit shy but was ready and willing for whatever. Just like I like it, and I guess that’s what the camera loves too, because she ended up looking amazing. Of course David Zayas Jr. was behind the lens, and Rachell worked her makeup skills for a nice, sweet smokey touch.  When I saw how full Cyn’s boobs were, I knew I had to go big when it came to the hair, go big or go right guys!? Using about 5 different shades of pink, I worked on her curls, and Cyn’s final product turned out just how I wanted, right in your face! Check out some more from her set.

Feel free to follow all of these talented chicks and dude by clicking on the credit links below.

See ya next time!

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Credits:    |  Photographer: David Zayas Jr.  |  Body Artist: 2Minxinx  |  Makeup Artist: Rachell Ventura  |  Model:Cynthia  |

New Artwork: Curly Canary

  • 2minxinx


  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Intellectual Development
  • Selflessness
  • Sexual Ecstasy

2minxinxTwo weeks later after I showed you guys the WIP (Work In Progress) for this New Artwork, I finally get to show you guys the finished product. This Curly Canary was already finished and I was just waiting for the owner to have it in his possession before putting it online. You know how things go, then plans happen, and you get so caught up with everything around you. (Which also explains why my last post was bout 5 days ago, sorry guys, you know I’m usually more consistent than that when it comes to my blogging) As I mentioned in the behind the scenes post (see that HERE)  this piece started off with me having full control of what I wanted to paint. Jokingly around, I mentioned how I would make her resemble me a bit, with her curly purple hair and some tats to match.

I didn’t want to use much color. Much as in the amount of colors used, because I was ready for this piece to be vibrant. Especially since I already knew where it was going to be displayed, and since the new owner already had pieces of works hanging, I wanted to make sure my Minxette would stand out. Not that it’s much of a problem now, since I noticed she’s being showed off right in the middle of his bedroom. Damn, maybe I’m a bit of a selfish one, haha.

2minxinxI loved the way the highlighting on her skin tone came out. I swear to everything, I surprise myself every time I finish a new piece. I could never believe that I’m capable of doing what I do. Whenever I finish, I’m like ” omg, I just did this.”

It’s like another force was moving my hands in the way they need to go, and all of a sudden I wake up to something new. I see how much I’ve grown in these years and the change is drastic. I  have so much more to teach myself. Yes, I teach myself everything. I mean, I went to High School for Art, but let’s be honest, I was always cutting class.

Anyway, back to the painting, and enough of me giving you these close up shots, showing of the detail work. Here is the official finished product… well, not official, you know what I mean, the real one is chilling in someone’s bedroom right now.

I love it, He loves it, Do you love it?
Curly Canary by 2minxinxsig 2

New Artwork: Ms.Teach

ms.teachIt’s been quite a while since I have posted New Artwork that was on canvas. Let’s face it, painting beautiful women on beautiful women is usually faster and much more entertaining. I promised myself I had to get back to canvas work. And I happened to do just that. Long time friend Shanicka (and when I say long time, I mean all the way back to 7th grade) recently found me online. I was not only happy to hear from her, but I also blushed when she said she was happy to know that art was still a huge part of my life.

When I was a kid, I used to draw peoples names on a a piece of paper and sell them for a dollar!

haha, don’t laugh!

But I guess it goes to show, how some things never change and better yet, some things just get better in time, Sometimes when you truly have a passion in life, it just follows you everywhere you go, and I for one, am glad that my work has grown so much over the years.

Ok, ok. . . .back to the commission had a few rules, as she was giving me as much artist freedom as I wanted. Which I always love when people give me full control. Her rules:

1. Involve purple      2. Not too scandalously  dressed &      3. In a classroom environment.

Boom! That seemed simple enough. After she picked her size, I got to work immediately since I already had an idea on  my mind of what I wanted it to look like. I know I wanted to add some gold tones in there, which you can see on my infamous checkerboard floors and on the globe. I originally started the chalkboard in the background as an actual real chalkboard. I wanted her to be able to write on the artwork as well. When almost done, I decided that wasn’t the best idea, since I wanted to add varnish to seal the paint, and let’s face it, chalk dust is the worst.

I will say this, I loved how the purple and splatters of orange stand out in the background, giving it a galaxy feeling. Because you know, Learn a little, you just might discover the possibilities in the universe.

My corniness escaped, excuse me. 🙂

It took some time to actually finish this piece, because let’s face it, I got a little lazy, and kind of lost my train of thought in the middle. But I’m so glad, I got to finish this piece. Like I said in a previous post…back on my hustle!

Plus, it helped that Shanicka loved it just as much! ♥

Now, what do you guys think?

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Ps. If you would like your own personalized piece, I am currently open for commission requests. Please emai me at for more information, or please visit my F.A.Q page


New Body Art: In His Tee

IMG_3941Mini Kat, at least that’s what I get to call her. I haven’t seen her in forever, and what a perfect way to catch up, but by letting me paint all over her. She was a little shy at first, but not when it came it to her butt, that’s one thing she was flaunting everywhere!  Renne Mode was in the neighborhood and decided to kill some time before she headed to an art show, so I put her to work right away. I made her grab my go pro and make her self useful so I can get some video behind the scene action (see here). This time I was working solo. Not only did I paint, like I usually do (and with no sketch), I photographed, and edited both the video footage and the pictures. I’m a jack of all trades.. or at least teaching myself to be.  Since I didn’t want her to be so exposed I put her in a men’s collared shirt.  Kat was pretty simple to direct, and I love it when the girls feel comfortable and throw ideas at me. She grabbed a video controller in no time and I ended up loving it!

As for the piece itself, Take it as you must… but I will say this, I was in a bit of a rut…hence the purple haired girl shedding some tears with a broken heart, but the spiritual me, kept praying, hoping for better days to come.

Enough about that.. let me knows what you guys think… you know I absolutely love feedback!

Until next time loves,1372784350218-light80perc.jpgIMG_4037 IMG_3965 IMG_3996IMG_4082Credits:

Body Painting, Photography, Editing: myself, 2minxinx

Model: Kat