Louis Louis

“Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada, Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.”

My mother had the most gorgeous collection of Louis Vuitton bags. When I was younger I used to hope that one day they will be mine. Who am I kidding I used to borrow them all the time and never give them back. In high school I will show up & strut down the hallways like I was hot shit, knowing damn well I couldn’t afford that.
So here I am today, I wear no name brands, hell, it’s hard for me to even match anymore. Give me basic clothing and I’ll go on with my day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire from afar. (My wallet agrees that I should look from far too)

The Louis Vuitton exhibit is taking place until January and it’s free, so if you haven’t gone yet,  there’s no excuse not to go. Just don’t forget to RSVP before you go, since they scan tickets upon entry.
Today’s outing was nice little adventure after  work. I met up with Phil and Kat and walked right in (after I stuffed my face with a deep dish pizza from the corner shop, that I do not recommend).
I knew I wanted to take a lot of pictures today and thought I would have more to work  with, especially since Phil’s such a fanatic with his luxurious eye for brands. In London he arrived with a bright yellow duffel with LV print that was absolutely gorgeous. –Guess who decided to arrive wearing a Fendi hat instead? — Really Phil!?
I shifted my focus on the pieces that were being showcased instead. The first floor started off with the history and timeline of Louis.
We saw his early works of canvas and his trunks that were made of wood. The cute little old school cars with his name that will transfer all the luggage. My favorite thing was guessing who’s luggage belonged to who depending on its contents.
The higher up the floor, the more modern the pieces became.
If you find yourself in the city and looking for something to do, go enjoy some fashion history. Here are a few pics I snapped of our tour.