Link Love: So many cute things!

  • I’ve been on the hunt for a camera bag, but not just any camera bag. I’m sick and tired of all the ugly ones I own and want something cute for everyday use. I found this one, and I can’t wait until it arrives in the mail. I can wear it as a backpack and even fits my laptop inside!
  • And while we’re speaking about laptops, look how gorgeous this case is, pink marble, oooooooo.
  • These dresses are stunning, I want all of them!
  • My niece Harlie is smacking everything she sees.. this cute little drum should do the trick.
  • Just because summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean swimsuit season is over, this one is tooooo cute. I can’t wait to wear it in Dominican Republic soon.. let’s just hope the top is snug and my boobs stay in place.
  • Love the different colors and textiles on this outfit.
  • I’ve been reminiscing about Cuba, I would love to do a solo trip… maybe I should finally hit Iceland instead.