Welcome to the World Harlie Alexa

I don’t think I can express how much I have fallen in love. It’s official guys she’s the one.

When my brother  first told me Taimane was expecting, I waited for his reaction. I was the first one he told, and I simply asked “How do you feel?”

The smile on his face was priceless. He was so excited.
Many moons to today, he messages me that Taimane has gone into labor, sadly though at 2:30am I was asleep. As soon as I wake up at 9am, naturally I check my phone. She’s here! I jolted out of bed and got dressed. I wish I could say I left my apartment immediately, and I did sort of, but not until I did a happy dance.
I picked up some Chinese food to feed the new parents, purchased about 8 balloons and made my way to the hospital. I’m on my way to Labor & Delivery. It really hit me in the elevator. I start tearing up, happy tears. I’m about to meet my niece, my little big brother is a dad now, everything is changing. From this point on everything is about her. I’m so emotional.
I walked in to the room, and Taimane seemed like nothing even happened. She wasn’t in any pain, just sleepy. What a trooper. Kiki on the other hand was already on overprotective mode. Sweetest thing ever.
They tell me she was born at 9:11am in the morning, she’s a healthy 6 pound baby, with a nice full set of hair. She’s perfect.
I held her and my heart just melted. This is what love is.