In All of Our Travels

One day away from the big trip. I just got to Chris’s house, I’ve had about 8 margaritas with my coworkers. Right now Chris is weighing all of our luggage, making sure all of our bags weigh less than the regulated 44 pounds.

We’ve arrived at the Bolt bus. Nikki got here exactly on time, especially since the bus moved at exactly 4:01pm. Right on the money.

Ramon’s house, it’s cold in Boston. We headed to the liquor store and the dumb broad refused to sell me wine, yes I forgot my id, but there was 4 of us and and didn’t let anyone of us buy it either, all because I was the one holding the bottle.

We ate from a Brazilian restaurant that had steak on the grill, delicious!

Fitgi’s flight arrives at midnight and we’re all drinking beer, still a little upset I didn’t get my wine. While Ramon picks up Fitgi we all took turns reading some Edgar Allen Poe’s poems to each other, we’re just so damn cute that way.

Breakfast has been served. The streets of Boston are weird, they’re all triangles and the only thing we’ve seem to find is Salvadorian food. Chris and I split a chicken quesadilla that was sloppier than it needed to be. Fitgi headed to Walgreens and bought a last minute European adapter, alongside coloring books and an Cosmopolitan for spice sex tips.

She tempted us with all the the snacks and we ended up taking a trip for ourselves. I’m addicted to White Cheddar Cheez it’s and Chris is already destroying them all. We’ve arrived at the airport and we’re either hungry or in need of a drink. I’ve ordered merlot because, hello—–wine!

Reykjavik, Iceland. Those five hours in the plane were butt numbing. The flight attendants were sweet enough to let us know that if we looked outside we might see the Northern Lights, one of the things I have on my bucket list. Almost everyone tilted to the left side of the plane, and since I was seared on the right. I asked an awesome couple if I see through their window. I apologized for being annoying, but they didn’t seem to care, they asked if I saw it, I didn’t. All I saw was what may have been an outline of a cloud, but I saw nothing, especially anything in a green glow. Maybe it’s for the best, that sight deserves it’s own trip. Maybe next year.

I only wish we had enough time to visit the Blue Lagoon, or anything for that matter. Instead we’re killing 2 hours at the airport, roaming gift shops. Everything looks so nordic especially the men who look like hunks in their blonde beards and man buns. Yum.