The Poconos | Summer 2015

Mini Getaways are the best.

My brother Kiki invited me and Chris to join him once again with his group of friends to the Poconos. Last time we were there (see that post HERE , see the video HERE), it was winter, in a different cabin, and we were all bundled up keeping warm with shots. This time the sun kept beaming on us, and most of us were too busy running around twerking on each other. As always, we were all ready to party. We had no worries, but to drink the night away, laugh and make some memories.

This cabin had a completely different layout than the first one we stayed it. The basement had a pool table, the upstairs master bedroom had a hot tub and a steam shower. I couldn’t wait to use those!Our first night was filled cheeseburgers and loud music. Our second day, everyone headed to the waterpark, while Chris and I enjoyed our view at the local lake. We took advantage of the time and stuffed our faces with wings and cheese fries..yum!  When we got back to the cabin, everyone was still out, so we cleaned up the whole house and decided to play naked tag around the house.

By the time everyone got back, the house was clean, and we were knocked out on the couch…wearing clothes of course!
Tonight was the night to play “Never have I ever” and we quickly started learning new things about each other. We all started taking sips, and if you were the only one to do something, there was a shot with your name all over it. I have so many more pictures to add, I’ll get one that once I get home. See you guys soon!

I definitely have to thank Areliz, for snatching my phone away from me, and getting so much footage of the night, Thank you so much babe!