Video: Santo Domingo 2015

Finally finally finally… I have finally finished the video from my trip to Santo Domingo. Puerto Rico was amazing, (see that video HERE) it was more of adventure and finding different foods and culture, but Santo Domingo was where it was it. Santo Domingo is all about family,and mine is the best.

Not only are my cousins always ready to party… hey, if you’re thirsty here’s a beer!

Hanging out with them is never a dull moment, I hope you guys enjoy these clips that I’ve pulled together.

As soon as we landed we headed straight to Bocachica to eat some fried fish, yum! We got on ATV’s (which I crashed), hotel pools, The Dominican Carnival, and just straight up drinking at the house.

On the last clips you’ll see more of what I’m talking about, my family decided to start betting on basketball, if you missed the shot, you had to take a shot. hahhaa, nothing short of amazing.