Puerto Rico: Day 5: Paddle Boarding & Sunsets

I told myself I would sleep in late today. I lied to myself. You would think that on vacation you would stop checking the time, but when you have so much you want to do, drink, eat. Time gets the best out of you.

Today there was no actual plans set in stone. The only day we didn’t schedule some crazy activity to do. It was meant to just be a dayof relaxation, especially after all the castles, the dancing, the drinking we have done. We threw on some bathing suits and headed toa tiny spot near a bridge a block away, that led you to a backyard, leading to an extension of the ocean, like a bay.

Paddle Boarding looked calmed when someone else is doing it. It was a little tough to get the hang of it at first. When first  getting on the board, I had to remind the guy to hand me a life vest, and when getting on the board, I had to tell him to tie the board to my ankle… I think this guy wanted me to die.

My legs were shaky, and getting balance was tricky, especially since you’re supposed stand while doing this. Like usual, Chris had the best of control on his board, even though he’s never done this before. When it comes to any activities that require risk or endurance, he’s your guy.

I, on the other hand, love to try new things. I may suck at it, but I’m always willing to try new things and do my best at it.

That was the case here, but I can’t complain, it was fun. I actually started to get the hand of things, and was standing up, moving. So if I paddled a certain way, I learned the board will turn and go in circles. If you stopped paddling, the wind would kind of take over and just take you in the direction it’s flowing.

Since we were trying to make it to the other side of the bay, we were paddling our asses off, going against the wind. Ok, I know I was paddling my ass off. The more pressure you put into it, the more speed you will get. the sun beaming on you drained your energy and if you weren’t quick enough, all the work you put in, would be long gone because that bitch- wind, was out out to get you.

I fell, Oh yes. I was dry for a pretty decent amount of time, and since I don’t know how to swim, I was super grateful I smartened up and asked the guy for the life vest. The water actually felt nice and I just decided to keep on floating there.

Not like I had much of a choice, since getting back on the board was such a difficult task. When I finally got back on,everything was good until I fell in again. This time I was too exhausted to even try anymore, and Chris came to my rescue. he straddled me up right on his board with him and started paddling his way to the shore.

It was closing time anyway, a block away was a personal beach . I jumped in right away, we made it right at the perfect time to watch the sunset. It was magnificent. I was in the water the whole time while Chris went in for 2 minutes and decided to spin on some pina coladas while hanging out in the sand. I, was too busy busy feeling at peace, with my body. I just floated there, stared into the space between the sun setting and the moon making an appearance . It was all I really needed to make this time beautiful.

After the sunset, Chris and and I went off to a tiny bar and ordered some bacardi, the house special. I was in the mood for dancing and Chris was feeding the jukebox in my favor. He spoilsme. Salsa and bachata were waiting to see my moves.