Puerto Rico 2015: Day 4: Condado, EDC and Showers

Time for check out. Staying with Jose and Bill at the communal hostel was fun, but now it’s time for something a little more private. We headed to Condado, another pueblo right outside of Old San Juan, that resembled city life. This place was more of a tourist trap, not because of all the sights, but because of all the known hotels like The Vanderbilt, Hilton, etc. The view from our studio was beyond pretty, it actually looked a lot like Miami at first glance.

We had some time kill before our second Day at EDC, so we decided to get some breakfast at some spot near one of the castles. Today I was feeling a  little more energized after suckign on some Pepto Bismol tablets, and taking Bayer’s Back & Body pills, since my calves were on strike.

I painted half of my face gold and did some kind of curly mohawk thing with my hair. It was all worthless because while walking we got blessed with one of Puerto Rico’s infamous 5 minute showers that just drench you completely. It was way too fun running in the rain. It wasn’t fun, on the other hand looking like a racoon with all of the yelliner was dripping down my cheeks. I ended up wiping away my face paint with the bottom of my shirt.

Since it was Sunday, The Electric Daisy Carnival started off in the day. I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to get on the rides. Especially on ” la sillitas voladoras” (The flying chairs) After one ride, beer came into play, and of course, more dancing. I was so excited to see FatBoy Slim and he killed it. With only 20 more minutes into his set, i was ready to bust out dancing to Kaskade and Afro Jack.

I was in another world. I swear, music is my high. At least this time in our walk back “home” it wasn’t that bad, it was a nice brisk walk that lead to an even better shower..this time indoors.