Photo Journal: Fundraiser at The Plaza Hotel

   Not many people can walk into work and say they love what they do. I'm one of the lucky ones. Everyone at work is getting ready for our annual Valentine's Day Gala. It's a huge fundraiser where all the proceeds go towards feeding, clothing and giving shelter to the homeless. I get to help … Continue reading Photo Journal: Fundraiser at The Plaza Hotel

All Work and More Play

Because work always needs to be balanced out with a little bit of play. Over this past year I can say I've been pretty blessed in the coworkers department. Sometimes you start jobs and find yourself stuck with people you would never consider yourself even talking to. These ladies have turned work shifts into full of laughs, … Continue reading All Work and More Play

A Little Bit of Minxie in my Life

My days constantly consist of work, work and more work. It's been quite a while since I've actually picked up a paintbrush, shame on me. I have so many ideas roaming around in my head and not enough time in the day to actually do anything about it. On another note, I've been hustling hard … Continue reading A Little Bit of Minxie in my Life

Never Made Its

♠♠Never Made Its♠Here’s another round of the “Never Made it’s” .Those random pictures through out the day that have just never made the cut to get into their own post.You can catch these and many more pics on my instagram…Follow me —> @2minxinxOne of those days, where my bed just happens to be my bestfriend. … Continue reading Never Made Its

Never Made Its: Video Edition

You Guys are aware of my random " Never Made It's " post... Those pictures that just have never it into their post of their own. For this "Never Made It's" I decided to switch things up. Instead of posting pictures that have never made it to the site, I decided to do videos instead! … Continue reading Never Made Its: Video Edition