Illustration: Gatsby Attire

Better late than never right?
First week of 2018 was a bit hectic to say the least. First that neighborhood fire, and then a health reality check kicked in. It’s time to start paying attention to things that matter. I’m always so focused on what I’m creating next sometimes I forget to stop and take care of me first.
This one took me longer than expected, and even though I don’t like how long it took, that’s just the way it’s going to have to be.
My new year’s dress that I didn’t get to show off too much.
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New Years 2016 |There’s Glitter Everywhere!

I had work all morning, I didn’t even want to be there for a second. By the time I reached his house, I was exhausted and just threw myself in to bed. My hair was a hot mess, and I didn’t feel cute.
After my brunch with MaryAnn the other day, we went shopping. I was going to be attending Fitgi’s house party for New Years, and the theme was clever and quirky. I was excited when I heard her say “Super Sweet 20Sixteen!” I purchased a $6 dress I found in a thrift shop and told myself I was going to make it work. There was no way in hell I was going to spend so much money on something I would never wear again, especially a ball gown.I had a bunch of glitter at home, and decided to buy some fabric paint to make my own conjunction. I think it came out pretty well, except one thing…there was glitter everywhere!

I’ve always said “glitter is like the herpes of arts and crafts”.

I know Chris isn’t too happy about all the sparkle left in his room. His response was simply this “Just don’t ask me where it all came from later on.” Fair enough, what else could I possibly say?
We made a quick stop at my parents house, where we had a great dinner made by mami. Ribs and pernil. Yum!

My brother Kiki was getting dropped off first, he was headed to Lily’s to party, while Chris and I were headed to West side. There was no driving for us tonight, since we knew we were going to be drinking, so when we offered a ride, we were very grateful, one less taxi to pay for.

When we got to Fitgi’s we were greeted at the door with open arms, like almost every time. Even if you don’t live there, someone always opens up for you and they’re always happy to see you, even if they’ve never seen you a day in their life before.Fitgi looked amazing as always. She squeezed into her 9 year old pink prom dress and killed it! So we all partied like anyone else would party. Most girls who did dress up for the theme looked so cute in their dresses, while the men showed off all spiffy, in their button downs. Once it was time for the countdown, we all ran to the living room in front of the tv…5..4..3..2..1!

Happy New Year!

Champagne was sipped, hugs were given and the kisses for the new year were being swapped. I looooved mine!

After partying a bit more, Chris and I headed to meet my brother at Lily’s place. Jhonny was already knocked out, it was about 3am and all I wanted to do was dance a little spanish music. Kiki was already exhausted, and after a few dances we decided to call it quits as well.

I had a great night, and I had the pleasure of starting off the new year with wonderful people.

I hope you all had a great time, and remember that this year is what you make of it.


Pictures below by Ramon Ariel: