Illustration: Shaina Bundy

This drawing that I created gives me all types of Peg Bundy vibes. Maybe it’s all the leopard and half pinup-ed hair. When I saw Shaina‘s blue hair, I fell in love. yes this make up artist is extremely talented with a set of brushes, but what always leave me in awe is the crazy colors she puts on her hair. It makes me miss all of my the times I used to dye my hair. Shaina is the absolute sweetest, so I had no hesitation when starting this piece. I love when my illustrations make others happy and her reaction did not disappoint!
Catch you guys later,
 Oh, and don’t forget to see more of my illustrations on my instagram, and you can see Shaina’s work on HERE. and her Youtube HERE.

Makeup Haul with Mary Ann

I love me some MaryAnn!

We’ve been making plans for some time now, and they never seem to come through. Life I guess. This time, we were finally following through. Mary Ann met me at the bar, where we exchanged about 8 hugs in a row. I really did her miss her, we had so much to talk about, I love it when we get together and this time it was no different.

We wanted to go somewhere fun and decided on a strip club. We were trying to beat the cover charge and we only had about 18 minutes to get there… we were 22 minutes away. We ran so fast and managed to get there 3 minutes late, no strip club for us. We rather spend the money throwing it at the girls instead of having to pay to get in. So we rescheduled that notion, headed to get some grub instead.

We split a bowl of Chipotle, pretty glad I did too, because I would have been so full this time around with so much food, and I think everyone knows how much I love food. Those beers filled me up, that’s what it was.We passed by a Duane Reade where I was telling M, that I wasted like 15 bucks during my lunch break just stacking up on makeup that I know I do not need. Wet and Wild was having a huge buy one get one 50% off, and I love me some Wet & Wild makeup. They’re super affordable and work amazingly. I stacked up on some matted lippies, a setting spray, a matte powder, a couple of eye liners and gel nailpolish. We walked in and it was googly eyes all over they’re section of the store. I ended up spending like $20 more. Ugggh, the temptation.

M and I have it official, we need to spend more time together. Every Wednesday will be our date night, and I can’t wait to see all the things we come up with.

Oh, let me tell you though, that nailpolish though… I need to go back for more colors.

Slumber Party

2269819986658765f3b34c0e863f4bb21I looooove having the girls come over for some much needed fun time.

I am no longer a clubbing person, like I used to be, I feel like I’ve outgrown that stage in my life. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m invited to go out for someones birthday, I’ll make an appearance, have a few drinks and even dance my night away, but for me to be the one to insist on a night out like that,

ha, I don’t think so.

It’s so over done and not even remotely close to being something I would plan.

So that’s why I took it upon myself to plan an all girls slumber party!2

Sara, came with a bag full fruits and started making some sangria for all of us to enjoy.

Which was sooo good by the way!3

Munching on pizza, we so fat 🙂

Chevy was working a miracle with my brother’s hookah, which I have to return, since I grabbed it by mistake, thinking it was mine, because my old one was also green.

Since there was a piece missing, we ended up youtubing how to make it work with an apple.

We failed, horribly.4

Since I wanted a new one anyway, I decided to go run off to the store and ended up buying a pretty pink one, while Chevy fell in love with an ice cream that she swore was discontinued and we ended up buying like three.5

I gave Sara this little present that ended up reminding me of her, one day while shopping.

It was a book about anti porn, but not precisely that, it was more of that fact that it explained how feminists react to it and how negative it may make women be perceived.

She loved it. 6

Chevy, as adorable as she is brung, Cranium, which we ended up playing and laughing at our stupidity.

We also made friendship bracelets while talking about boys.

Stereotypical sleepover yes.7

This was the bracelet I made for Chevy.

Her favorite colors, blue and green.


Oli was struggling to make mine, but I loved it.. and as soon as she finished I  wore it as an anklet instead.

Mine is purple and white ♥
9Sara made Oli’s and Chevy made Sara’s.

Like Clockwork.

10Sara explained how she wants to collect one piece of each of her friends artwork, and she told me how she wanted to own “Ahogando en Vino” .

I told he, that canvas was officially on sale, and 2 minutes later I  was wrapping up the canvas in silver foil for her to take home safely.

I love when my pieces go to good homes, and I know she’ll be appreciated in Sara’s place.

Thank you boo, love you!11 12 13 14Pretty colored lemon tinted by the wine.15Contortionist in the making.16 17 18 19 20 21 Caught taking a selfie!22 Oli came with cupcakes, yum!24After all the games, we took turns doing each others makeup and had a little fun….

Util next time guys!

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Behind The Scenes


bts2Here are a quick few behind the scenes pictures to a photo shoot, I just recently did .

Madame JulievetMinxinx collaboration.

Stay tuned !

behind the scenes

Mermaid Parade 2013

23♥Mermaid Parade 2013♥


Every year I make sure I mark my planner for the Mermaid Parade that’s held in Coney Island.4

The tradition of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade began in 1983 and is held annually in celebration of the beginning of the summer season.


It’s basically Halloween in the summer with a mardi gras and aquatic feel to it.

It is soooo much fun!6

This time around I met up with my awesome best friend Misha  and took advantage of the craziness to catch a lot of pictures, and most importantly to catch up on each other’s lives.2

Misha and I have been so busy with everything that’s going on around us, and yes we still manage to take for the other. But with full time projects, jobs and boyfriends, time can get the best of us.

I missed her so much.8

Once we arrived at Coney, it was no surprise of the hectic and colorful crowd that was waiting for us. It took us forever to cross the street and actually make it to the boardwalk.

After crossing through the aquarium we finally saw water, but ended up missing the parade.

womp womp.9

No worries though!

The shore is where it’s all at… and after jumping in the water for a few….

ok, only like up to our knees.

We started to walk along the shore and take in the view of all the  great costumes and the awesome people rocking it 10

Some of these mermaid tales were sooooo impressive and beautiful, like the ones above and below.

Though I wish I owned of them, they would be awesome for some photo-shoots.

For this day in particular it seemed like such a hassle after watching them struggle trying to get into it.


I kept my outfit simple, not only because of the heat and all the walking I knew I was going to be doing, but because I actually wanted to enjoy myself.12

Looking at all these great and creative costumes, I noticed you get stopped every other 5 seconds because someone wants to take a picture with you.

I wouldn’t mind it, bc I love the getting dressed up part… but I want to have some fun too!


You can tell this girl had a lot of fun.

Hey, if I had boobs like that, I would flaunt  them too!14

This couple was too adorable!15

and the back of his shirt, talk about thinking outside of the box!16

Let me let you guys enjoy these pictures.

I remember this guy every year, he always goes all out!18 19 2024 25 27

I bumped into my old high-school buddy Jelivet and she looks adorable as ever…


All in all this was a good a mermaid parade and I can’t wait until the next one!