Photography: Pink Lemonade

   Honestly, I’ve been slacking a lot when it comes to the Bermuda posts. It’s just been so much to go through, and as soon as I got back I’ve been bombarded with work and gigs… not that I’m complaining. I love when I get new clients. It gives me the opportunity to create something new, and challenge myself. Let’s not forget bringing joy to someone else in capturing a memory they can cherish forever.
I have so much to share with you guys, for now… Here’s a little  snippet from Bermuda. Kat and I stopped by Bailey’s Ice Cream Parlor and their small shop is so cute and colorful, I couldn’t resist in ordering Kat around and making her pose for me!
See you guys soon,

Morgenstern’s Ice Cream



I was excited to see Nicole, it’s been some time since I last saw Nikki. We were bonding over wine at my old apartment where she shared the news of her recent engagement. I’m so excited for her, she has so many great things going on, including her almost finishing school. When she proposed we have an ice cream date I was all for it. The humid was a big deciding factor as well.
Her original plan consisted of hitting 3 fine ice cream shops. The first one being Morgenster’s around Bowery. Now, I’m not a huge of ice cream, I only like a little bit (Unless I’m really heart broken and watching chick flicks) but when the shop attendee handed me a tester of the black coconut ash flavor, I was with it! Nikki went for the creme brulee and that too was bomb af. Mine was pretty messy though, my tongue was black and I had dark stains all over hands… so worth it.
We took the longest route possible to our next stop, Big Gay Ice Cream, over by Saint Marks Place. She ordered the salty pimp.. who’s name is absolutely hilarious, while I opted out and called it quits. I think I had enough sweets for a day.
I always love catching up with Nikki…. maybe next time we can have a cheeseburger date, now that I won’t get tired of eating!

Dominican Republic. Day 10: Cemetery and Conde

1Cemeterio Nacional de la Avenida de Indepencia, that’s where we headed to begin our day. Not because we were there to visit anyone in specific but because it’s Dominican Republic’s first official cemetery founded in 1824.2I decided to edit this picture two different ways. One was to show life after death, while the other is meant to just show death. Can you tell which one is meant to be which?3When we walked in there was a bout 4 women, all speaking to tombstones, smoking cigars and chanting. My cousin tells me, that’s where santeria/brujeria comes into play. These women come and prey on the dead to ask/beg/trade  for higher blessings and selfish gifts.4 5After the cemetery we headed to El Conde where there’s a whole bunch of little shops.

I have been urging for some ice cream from Helados Bon ever since I got here, and I finally got to get my hands on some. Yenny got a vanilla milkshake, my cousin Franklin got a chocolate milk and I got a macadamian cone…. it was soooooo good!

And to add to the hype the cousins cups had Licey on the them. Licey is like their Yankees. And right now they are hot hot hot. They’ve won 3 games in a row right now and my cousin Cesar gets crazy hype blowing air horns whenever there’s a home run.

Enjoy these pics I’ll see you guys soon, the pool is waiting on me.
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