Puerto Rico 2015:Day 2: Cafesito, Isla Verde and a Treehouse

Coral Beach, La Isla Verde, beautiful view. 20 minutes away from where we’re staying at. Umbrellas and chairs have been rented, music is playing in the background, the sun is beaming and the water is warm. My sun kissed skin has never felt better. I needed this badly. Right now we have settled into our 2nd airbnb, my choice, and I’ve never been more prouder to say that. This tree house is smack in the middle of Viejo San Juan, the treehouse is private with it’s own little outdoor shower overlooking into a backyard. The amosquito net is a nice touch and once we fell asleep the rain started and since we were practically outside the rain trickled down our faces. But since it was pretty warm weather wise, it felt refresing and soothing.

Earlier today we met up with Monica, our first airbnb hist. That we got pretty lucky in meeting, she has been great in transitioning us into Puerto Rico. We all met up and decided to explore the slums. Something that I would much rather do than visit all of these touristy sights. The hood was poor, gritty but an experience I adored. I felt like it came out straight out of a movie. Los tigeres del barrio stood in a line in the middle of the street, creating a barrier that I initally thought…ok, we’re not getting through. But Monica being hood famous, just kind of smiled a bit and they all became super friendly right away. We walked into a rooftop bar and grabbed some mojitos. So good, even though everything was perfect. I was suffering inside. My stomache was turning all different kinds of ways and my calves didn’t have enough strength to hold me up anymore. I had done so much walking that I pushed my body to the limit, I swas uncomfortable. But the last thing I wanted to do was the party pooper. I suffered through it and I limited my drinks for this night. We walked some more while I limped some more, and when we found stairs to rest at… I found a bush, and threw up all over it. I felt better instantly. I didn’t even drink that much, I don’t undersatnd why I was feeling this way.