Photo Journal: The Grimey Ones Art Show

Graffiti will always have a place in my heart. When I was younger and in grade school I will draw the names of my peers on notebook paper and sell it to them for $1. In highschool, I learned what a black book was. Every lunch period all the guys will take out their books, the lunch tables will be covered in markers, and everyone will trade books, drawing and hitting them up. After high school I found my scene with a small graff crew, and it was spray painting season from there on out.
Though I don’t dabble anymore, since I  have grown to exercise the freedom of finding different canvases—like I mentioned before, graffiti lives in  my soul. When I saw the invitation for one of my friend’s work that will be displayed, I didn’t even ask questions. I knew I had to go, and just ‘pop up’ and that I did. I haven’t seen them in a couple of years, so I decided to stay quiet, jump on the Metro North and find my way to Connecticut.
The show was great and I had the pleasure of not only reconnecting with old friends, but making new ones as well.
Thanks again for having me!

Color Scenes: An All Alpha Female Experience Exhibit

This Friday I had the opportunity to present my work at a small exhibit in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The show was curated by Color Scenes & La Femme Cheri. The exhibit was a collection of 40 talented ladies, all displaying 2 pieces each.
I displayed 2/3 of the “Oracle” pieces I have been working on, and guess what… sold 2/3 pieces.
What a blessing. Pictured above is the proud owner of the small green piece, who now gets to go home happily cared for.
The larger Oracle piece in blue is ready to be shipped to Orlando, Florida. I gotta say, I’m feeling pretty blessed that my babies get owners who appreciate them. If I kept all the pieces I have made thorough out the years, I wouldn’t we be able to walk through my tiny apartment. I have one more “Oracle” piece that’s looking for a new owner, you know how to find me.

You’re Invited: An All Alpha Female Experience Exhibit

Hello my lovelies.

Remember when I said I will be showcasing my work at an all women art installation? No!?
Well, ok, I’m telling you now.
You are all formally invited to present your beautiful souls at The All Alpha Female Experience. I will be presenting new pieces alongside other talented women. And what better way to celebrate women’s month, than by supporting women!

The gallery is located at 1009 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11221, and  is closest to the M, J & Z lines on the Myrtle, Broadway stop. The show will start at 8pm and run until 1 in the morning. So no excuses!
There’s a small $10 fee at entry, which is suffice for the free wine and appetizers you’ll be able to gulp down.

I can’t wait to meet you all.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit the Facebook page for the event or contact me below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


Let’s Share an Announcement

Happy Tuesday my beautiful people.

Today, I am feeling refreshed. I’m awake, my curls are big and I’m looking forward to having a positive day. A productive one at that too.
I have a showcase coming up where I’ll be presenting my work alongside an all woman panel. I have a couple of things I want to start working on. I’m pretty excited about that.
I’ve been focusing on digital art much more lately, it’s the convenience, knowing I can pick up my ipad anywhere and get some work done. It’s great and I get to create more pieces, but I’ve been a different medium. I’m finally, after all this time going to put my efforts into painting a new canvas.  Let’s hope I’m not too rusty.

I’ll be posting the flyer soon, so please stay posted for that. The show will be held in Brooklyn on the 31st of March. I hope I get to meet you all there!

Alright, wish me luck! (picks up paintbrush)

Artshow: Escape2NY Parte Dos

I  met up with my hot date Olivia, today we were going to an artshow,  Escape2NY to be exact. Earlier this year was was the first event (see that post HERE) I don’t even know where to get started from this night. Wait let me re-phrase that, I know how started, I don’t necessarily remember how it ended. There was an open bar serving jungle juice and goodies being sold. Oli and shared a cookie and listened to the DJ do his thing. He killed it.

The art was great, the music kept every vibing off of each other, the art show quickly turned into a party. I bumped into some old friends, caught up and tried my best not to fall. That second cookie was hitting the system. Bb and Oli danced, while I gave the couch some of my undivided attention.

The night was great, and if all goes well, I’ll be showcasing some work at the third Escape2NY. Click on some links below, and I’ll see you guys next time!


Performances: After Party

Hosted by: gismo .

Sounds by: Broquete | Jamesy | Jonluc

Goodies by : HomegrownNY & Baked By Bobby

Check out the video shot and edited by @jessy4l

Art Show: Fillin Global

Before I met up with Ashley for Claw’s Art show, she told me took a wrong turn and noticed there was another gallery  right up the block, like I was going to say no. She chugged down her beer while we caught up on gossip, and headed right out to the Fillin Global show.

When we walked in, the bouncer asked if we were on the guest list… umm, no.

“So you girls just walked in?”  I flash a smile, “yes.” He responds with a startled ” Oh, okay then, can I see some id?”

Wow, first time I’ve ever been to a show (and I’ve been to many) where I was stopped right at the door with a huge confusion. He was sweet though and let us walk right in and explore the exhibit.

I fell in love with Angela China‘s series of “Gum Shoe“, especially the piece with the lips and the candy heart that read “Stick it to me”.

Many other artist showcasing new work included Ghost, Pheck, Phetus, Stuart Fisher, Whisbe, Zso, and many more.
The next day we realized why our entrance seemed to be a bit weird, apparently the opening of the reception was the next day, and the night we just randomly walked in was only for a few vip guests, even though the place was packed. I think that explains why it seemed like everyone almost kind of knew each other.

Hey, I see it as we got an exclusive look before the public, haha!

If you would like to visit

Filling Global the exhibit is located on

98 Orchard Street, Monday through Sunday 12-6 PM until February 28th 2016

Until next time guys, M

Art Show: Moody Presents – Uncle Paulie’s Deli

Art shows used to be all I used to do at one point in my life. I love the scene, loved networking, plus there’s something so special about seeing brush strokes up close. I miss it so much, I vowed to start going to some more.

So here I am, and Ashley is the perfect date.

We arrived at Williamsburg and decided no to stay too long, but not before making our rounds looking closely at all the pieces. I have to say, even though everything was great, I was a sucker for the bathroom that was all tagged up.

Getting food after was delicious, Ash and I split mac and cheese, pulled pork and mozzarella sticks. I was little upset they had apple pie milkshake in the menu, but they didn’t have it in the diner.


Until next time.

, M