Jasmine Maxine


Jasmine Maxine Nunez

Jasmine Nunez, 22, was victim of Domestic Violence. She was killed, dumped in a park and lit on fire on June 12th, 2011. Jasmine was a beautiful and intelligent young lady, due to graduate from Mandl College in December of 2012 from the Surgical Tech program. Jasmine was born in Brooklyn, Ny , went to High School in Rochester, Ny & Springfield, Ma; graduating from Central High School in 2006. She moved back to NY in early 2010 to continue her education.

I’m so grateful for having readers, friends, family that truly care of her well being, my family and the struggle and pain we are going through.Thank you for retweeting the links, spreading her picture around and the much needed prayers.I’m forever grateful. I want you guys to know that you guys have truly helped.You guys were the cause for the police and detectives to get their lead.My family has never dealt with something so tragic. This is our first time, hopefully,God willing the last.Thank you for keeping my family in your prayers, thank you for all the condolences.

Read about her story in any of these links.
Daily News Fox YNN NBC NY1 Daily Freeman ABC Register Star Body Found (the list goes on and on)

 Testimonials from Loved Ones
MI querida hija , que te puedo decir ? Mi corazon siente un gran vacio y mi mente sigue confundida, que deseo de volverte a ver y pedirte perdon y decirte lo mucho que te quiero y abrasarte y darte mucho besitos…..Dios si es grande porque el siempre va a escojer los mejores candidatos para su seleccion de ANGELES…Apesar de que te tengo en mi mente siempre que orgullo que fue Dios que te escogio….Aqui todos estamos destrosados por tu partida pero una cosa si esta claro y es, Que Nunca Te Vamos A Olvidar!!! I love you soo much and I miss you tremendus….Until we meet again Mi Querida Hija!!!!…Que Dios Te Bendiga …..your daddy.










 Remember when I was like 4 and mommy cut my hair like a little boy? I used to go up to you crying and will say “I’m ugly”. You used to cry with me and say “no your not, your beautiful sister”. I used to say “nooooo I look like a boy” lol. You used to love telling that story… I was always perfect in your eyes, You were beyond perfect in mines ♥ I love to brag about you ♥  I wish we couldve grown old together ♥ our life would have been so much fun… Graduating college and falling in love and getting married and being each others maid of honor. You were suppose to give me a neice when you turned like 35 and I was suppose to give you like 5 lol we were gonna plan each others batchelorette parties with strippers and baby showers! damnn I can’t believe I’ll never get to experience these moments with you its so unfair…You were taken wayy too soon – I just feel so lost and out of place some timess (mostly all the time, strength sister give me some strength.  – Melanie Nunez ( sister )

 We always had the best times when were together. Anywhere I would go, you would meet me. This one trip you took a greyhound to come spend my 22nd birthday with me and the girls. Your mom called a friend of hers to pick us up in a van with no seats. That was hilarious. We ended up ditching him as soon as we got to the hotel. Once. walking down Times Square you had a mob of boys behind you calling you Beyonce, two of them asking you who was the flyest nigga between both of them! What a hot mess! This was when I introduced you to Jamba Juice, our guilty pleasure, I will always love you my guardian angel. I’ll see you when I get there, rock the heavens baby! – Jennifer Tejeda

You have no idea how you have always played a part in my life. From keeping my secrets hidden to just listening to me babble about my issues. Im soooooo hurt because I am ur big cousin. I feel like I should have saved you. You always being the strong woman you are, saved me instead. I would have preferred us leaving, holding hands, winning, preparing for our new lives. But I promise to make you proud. I have so much fight in me. I love you ♥ – Ciara Ivelisse

 I remember young love. I remember how we’d laugh at some of the things that had happened between us because it felt as if it came straight out of a movie. The best part to me was, unlike a movie, it was all unscripted, all real. All the love letters we’d write via email. I’d say I’d always be in love you no matter what; Well, they were true. Forever and ever babe. R.I.P. I’ll never forget  – Raymond Wallace |||

 I will forever remember Jasmine as an intelligent, bubbly, likeable young girl. Always smiling, laughing. She got along with everyone.Quick wit & a strong personality even at such a young age. I remember when the beenie babie craze came out, she used to bring hers to school & share them with everyone.I’ll never forget the day some boy in our class was making fun of her because of her hairstyle. She was crying, it broke my heart-but she stayed strong, didn’t let him get her down and stayed strong. That there showed the type of person she  was – innocent & sweet, yet powerful & strong. She was the one w ho taught me about the birds and the bees in the 5th grade. When we reached junior high, I was so out of touch with other kids. I didn’t know what certain words & slang meant, I felt like a loser. One day she sat down with me in the library & let me ask her all these questions – she answered everyone. She was  beautiful, popular girl, even though I wasn’t, she never denied our friendship. I will always remember her. -Amanda Peon

 I woke up this morning and was praying I was gonna come on your page and see that it was all a dream, all some misunderstanding and that you were okay. That we were going to hang out next week for your birthday and have an amazing time like we planned. My heartaches, Love you and miss you already.  -Jonathan Troncoso

She refused to let this world exploit her outer beauty. She could have easily taken the easy road to fast money. But she had a moral spirit that a lot of young ladies these days don’t have. She had an inner beauty and talent that she wanted the world to know. You was an example for your young women. I pray that your life touched and lead other young women in a positive direction.      -Christopher O’Bryant

 We did a good job today huh ugly? You kept everyone smiling the whole day, I washed damn near a million cars for you lol but it was more than worth it punk. This is nothing compared to the things I’ll do to hear you call me your ugly brother and tell me to shut up again. lol. I love you Jasmine, so much and I’ll never forget  the best big sister in the world, you’ll always be by my side now.   – Ahmad Consuelo

 We were inseperable together. In public we were sisters, and just as well in our hearts. Iris was my Iris Chacon, mel was my melania,I always made sure to give Denise an ear to vent. Bri and Fay my rugrats! We made memories everywhere we went . But I remember when we first met… Gym class. You told me my hair reminded me of your mom. You called me Alicia Keys. I instantly fell in love with your personality and was extra territorial hehe! Just cause I treasured you. From then on, if they saw me, you were rite behind and vice versa. You will always be my sister, I look up to you for all you’ve endured Jas! Your words were a gift from God! And your beauty was priceless! From here on out Iris I got you, as well as the girls and can’t forget about Princess. Jas your candle will never die out in my heart. Love, your Taterine   – Katherine Ortiz

 Her smile, laugh, braces. Jasmine & I were best friends in 7th grade. So many memories, one of the funniest would have to be Jackie, her and myself; the three musketeers. It so much happened every time someone misbehaved in class, I was to get blamed, the teacher hated me, loved Jasmine, meanwhile she was the troublemaker of the class. I guess her smile go to him, she would make all these silly noises and talk back to him, I was still the one to blame. We had a great homeroom full of laughs. You will be missed. – Julie Serrano


Beyonce’s 4: listen here.

271447_255469644469044_100000180304167_1158166_6771363_oHer Mural Story: http://minxinx.me/2011/07/18/jasmines-muralxmen-painting/


24 Replies to “Jasmine Maxine”

  1. Can I just say, this weblog is what got me through the day these days. Every single time I read it, I just get far more and far more excited about whats next. Extremely refreshing blog and really refreshing ideas. Im glad that I came across this when I did. I really like what youve got to say and also the way you say it.


  2. This is definitely a topic thats close to me so Im pleased that you wrote about it. Im also pleased that you simply did the subject some justice. Not just do you know a fantastic deal about it, you know the best way to present in a way that folks will need to read much more. Im so happy to know a person like you exists on the internet.


  3. I ran into this page accidentally, surprisingly, this really is a fantastic site. The web site owner has done a fantastic job writing/collecting articles to post, the information here is actually insightful. You just secured yourself a guarenteed reader. 472728


  4. I never got to speak to you or even know you until it was too late I saw you before maybe once leaving my building with him. It sounds like you was a great person and I wish your family the best and I know you was too blessesd to be here I guess God wanted his favorite angle with him God bless you I will never forget about you even if we never spoke


  5. I´m weiry.
    Haciendo presencia departe de mi familia, really we are sad, was a pena ella se notaba que era una mujer dinamica,estrobertida and a good good person.


  6. tuve la oportunidad de conocerte en el 1994 cuando su mama las trajo a santo domingo tengo mucho recuerdos de ustedes eran dos niñas preciosas, muy cariñosas y llenas de amor recuerdo que una ves nos llebaron donde tia y nos tiraron muchas fotos… lamento tu pertida y el no haber podido volverte a ver pero espero que DIOS te tenga a su lado y te proteja bajo su alas, lamentamos tu perdida de todo corazon att su tio gabriel cabrera feliz


  7. tuvela oportunidad de conocerte en el 1994 cuando su mama las trajo a santo domingo tengo mucho recueldos de ustedes eran dos niñas preciosas muy cariñosas y llenas de amor recueldo que una ves nos llebaron donde tias y nos tiraron muchas fotos lamento tu partida y el no haber podido borverte haber pero espero que dios te tenga a sula y te proteja bajo su alas lamentamos tu perdida de todo corazon att tu tio gabriel cabrera




  9. A while ago your status was “If your presence doesnt make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference.” Your presence was a blessing and your absence heartbreaking. Jaz, I keep going through our text history and it blows my mind how wise you were. We were always on the same page, always instilling confidence in each other, and alw…ays keeping each other up on the latest mixtapes lol. I even had my homeboys running up in my job to try to bag you, taking pics of love letters to send to you. Im so happy we were getting close again, but I’ll never forgive myself for not making our drink date. Its rare to find someone so beautiful, being so deep and conscious of her intellegence and inner beauty. I love you and Miss you ♥


  10. I called ur cell the other day hopeing u would answer n scream scremely! Lol always wondered y u called me that.. too funny! It hurt so much when I found out u were gone I asked god y her??? Ur beautiful smile ill always remember! R.I.p friend till we meet again…:)


  11. Jasmine aka GIGGLEZ, you made JHS so fun. The notes we wrote to each other the phone calls. We reconnected on Facebook and Twitter and would chat, joke, and co-sign each other’s REAL TALK and that you definitely were. REAL. Kind, loving, beautiful and a great friend. I can’t believe you had to endure this but the good die young and all things are for a reason. You were such a blessing while we had you and I’m sure you will continue to be. I will NEVER forget you. I’ve been thinking about you non-stop ever since I heard, seeing your face and smile, reading your Tweets and wishing we could’ve hung out like we planned but it will get better and soon rather than make me sad, my memories of you will stay with me like an angel on my shoulder. Love you Jasmine CRAZY GIRL. Miss you! Rest In Paradise.


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