Kim + Carlos Say I DO

Sometimes you meet a couple that makes your heart melt– tears included, and this couple was one of those times. Upon first speaking to Kimberly for the first time, her radiance was just a breath of fresh air. She was such a grateful person, and I could tell how someone so beautiful, deserved a blessing such as this.

Our bride wanted her formal images to be taken before the ceremony at the infamous Central Park’s Conservatory Garden. The bridal party looked stunning, with ladies sporting their lavender gowns and the men in the dark navy suits.
The groomsmen patiently waited for the bride to arrive at the fountain, with their superman pose. Our groom, Carlos was prepped on where and how to walk over to Kimberly, so they could have their private moment, the first look.

Carlos’ reaction was absolutely everything! I love it when a man isn’t afraid to show his emotions, and Carlos’s happy tears were ones I can only hope my future husband will replicate. He reached for Kimberly and gave her the tightest hug… this is going to be a perfect wedding day!

If you’re interested in having your big day documented, please feel free to reach out!
I’m truly honored to be part of your special memories.