Photography: Little House of Auras

I absolutely love when I get to capture families. I love it even more when they play around and just naturally have fun with each other. Now that’s a kind of love I adore to capture.  When Frankie asked me over for tacos, I knew we were gonna have some laughs. Her little tribe is the cutest and the smartest boys I’ve yet to see. I loved how much they danced, jumped around and spit out facts they wanted to share with me.

I also had the opportunity of incorporating her new line of jewelry. She’s been working really hard to create Little House of Aura’s. (I’ve even helped design her new business cards, you can see it HERE) Her line is  “A Beaded Gemstone Jewelry Collection for Children 📿” so naturally, we adorned the little ones in her jewelry. The crystal’s were beautiful and every other second Jax was telling me the names of all the different stones. So cute!

I hope yo guys have enjoyed these, I know I had blast shooting them.
Until next time,

You can visit The Little House of Aura’s Etsy Shop HERE.