What’s in my backpack?


I’ve been meaning to share one of these for some time now. But as always, I have about 12,000 things on my plate at the same time. (Ok, maybe over exaggerating a bit)
In this post I’ll be sharing some of my every day essentials, the things I just can’t leave home without.
I’ll start with number 2, because you need the bag first to stuff everything in there. I’ve been on the hunt for a brown bookbag, and I could never seem to find something I liked. I need something with space, I didn’t want it to be made of canvas (in case it rains) and I wanted it to have sturdy straps. Almost every bag I bumped into had some skinny straps, and even though it’s cute, I carry way too much with me, and I don’t need my bag breaking on me in the middle of a daily adventure. I saw this one from Target, and it’s so cute and lightweight. I only wish it was real leather, but then that would have jacked up the price a bunch.
Alright, now we can go in a order a bit, matter of fact, let’s make this a list!

  • 1. Since I’m always behind the camera, I almost never end up in pictures. I purchased this tripod from Amazon, and it’s nice to me. I’ve only used it once for now. But it’s going to be a new staple piece in my bag, especially for when I travel. You can bend it around most objects like a gate, and it holds up your phone and/or your dslr camera!
  • 3.4.& 5. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been going to the gym lately, and it was about time I started taking care of myself. Now that I have a nice routine going,(everday right after work) it makes it easier for me if I just throw all my things and go. These Nike Trainers are so damn comfortable, and I should really invest in other colors.
  • 6. I bought this on whim in Trader Joes one time, and I don’t regret it at all. This balm works as chapstick, lotion and even good for those random flyaways in your hair. It solves carrying extra things when I can just take this tiny tin and go. (it especially comes in handy when my elbows decide to be ashy hahaha)
  • 7. Come on.. like anyone leaves their house without a cellphone nowadays. I haven’t upgraded from my iphone 7plus, and right now I don’t feel the need to do so. Honestly, I barely use the camera, since I prefer taking pictures with my actual camera, but I love to edit on the go. After photoshoots I like to work in the moment, and get most of my editing done while on the train back home (maybe I’ll post up a blog post about my favorite editing apps)  And when I’m not editing, I’m basically watching all my shows on either Amazon Prime, or on Netflix.
  • 8. I wear sunblock on my face EVERY DAMN DAY. I’m gonna be 68 looking like I’m 30…well at least that’s the goal. I like this Neutrogena one because it doesn’t leave any white residue and it’s light enough to wear under makeup if I feel like doing my face that day. I barely put on makeup anymore, I’m just too lazy in the morning, and 9/10 I’m already running late to work.
  • 9. Portable banks are a necessity now-a-days. Like I mentioned before, no one leaves their house without a cell, and noooobody likes hearing that low battery sound of death. I have 2 that I rotate, depending on what I find sooner (I can be messy sometimes) This one from Ebay I bought some time ago and it’s perfect. It charges my phone fully about 3 times, and this one is perfect when I’m traveling or at the beach since it’s solar powered and charges itself back up.
  • 10. This padded bag keeps my camera safe in my bookbag. Gotta take care of my equipment. You tend to value your things a bit more when you work hard to pay for it.
  • 11. The famous nifty fity. This lens was the first lens I invested in after I was sick of the stock lens. It’s a perfect beginner lens, especially for those who like shallow depth of field (the blurry background). It’s perfect for portraits, and since I have a crop sensor camera, it’s more like 80mm. If you want to know more about this lens, you can read about it here. It’s pocket friendly and a nice edition to your camera bag.
  • I’m going to skip to Number 17. since I just explained the nifty fifty. A crop sensor camera like the name “crops” part of the scene of an image that a full frame would normally capture. Because a 50mm on my crop sensor is almost 80mm (you have to multiply the mm size by 1.6) I needed and wanted a prime lens that would get me a little closer. The 35mm is my favorite lens, and is 90% always on my camera. On my crop camera it’s equivalent to 56mm and  it’s like heaven for me.
  • 16. On the rare occasion I’m going out where I don’t feel like changing my lens all the time, I grab my Sigma 17-50mm and just walk out the door. I don’t have to fuss with my equipment (or worry about dirt or sand getting into the sensor in between changing lenses) and at 2.8f it’s decent enough for low light situations.
  • 12. Because this list in a crazy kind of order, but since I’m already talking about my camera equipment, I gotta explain the camera as well. 99% of the photos you see on my blog, on my instagram and everywhere else in the social media world, if I took it.. it’s on this camera. I used to shoot with a Canon Rebel t3i, and it’s great camera to start with. I wanted to upgrade and last year I purchased the Rebel t7i. This camera is my baby! I know it’s an intermediate camera, but in time I can upgrade to a full frame camera (which are about $3,000) Right now I’m trying to learn everything about my camera before getting another one. (Which I’m always tempted to do)
  • 13. I recently purchased apple airpods, and omg… what a game changer. I always bought cheap little headphones because I didn’t want to spend the cash, but with all of the money I spent on bullshit earphones, I could have just invested on these. My favorite part? If someone’s talking to me, I remove a bud and it automatically pauses whatever I’m watching or listening to, when I put the bud back in my ear, it resumes.
  • 14. I have pinchos everywhere. I’m currently transitioning my curly hair and I have so much damage. Right now the front of my hair is the worst, so I’ve cut a lot of it off, which now means the hair doesn’t reach to put it in a ponytail. I tend to pin it back so I don’t like look I’ve just been electrocuted.
  • 15. Like I’m gonna leave my house without money. I like to add color in my life so my wallet is iridescent, which makes me happy. These are all really cute.

There we go, my everyday staples. It sounds like a lot, and yes.. carrying my camera gets heavy. Lately I’ve been trying to do so because then I’ll get in the bad habit of using my phone. Not that my phone is bad, but the quality on my camera is way better, especially for printing, which I do, and like to give the option to my clients.
So, what are your favorite things to carry? Is it longer or shorter than my list?