Family: Four Fathers



Back to back barbecues, you gotta love a man on a grill. This time, four of my favorite men were to be celebrated while we chowed down on some burgers. My father Fon had all his kids here, (there’s five of us) and almost every one of us is making him a grandpa. This is Chris’s, and Mauricio’s second father’s day, and my brother Luis is ready to bring in another blessing into the family.
This time, we also stuffed our faces with steaks and ribs, and you better believe I snuck some pieces into a tupperware for tomorrow’s work lunch.
I took a little walk with Luis and his girlfriend Jen to take some pictures of the lovebirds and the belly. I’ll be sharing some of those soon, so stay tuned! (And if you’re already following me on instagram, you’ve already seen a few.)
For all of the father’s that raise us, we love you,

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