Photo Journal: Governor’s Ball 2018






My brother is now an adult… which only makes me realize how old I’m getting! (Can I crawl into a hole now?)
The big 18… I remember all the dumb shit I used to do as a teenager, but those are stories for another blog post. I’m a big fan of  gifting experiences, not always something materialistic, so it was only right for me to get him tickets to Governor’s Ball. Governor’s Ball is held in Randalls Island, and the line up was looking really good with N.E.RD., Khalid and Eminem. And wherever Slim Shady is, Kat is sure to be there (and the panties she insisted were going to land on stage)
As always the park was packed, and it seemed the crowd was younger every time we turned around. Kat and I vowed to invest in VIP tickets next time we do this.. where the grown ups watched comfortably. (Especially because I don’t think my temper likes being pushed in the crowds) Khalid happened to be one of my favorite performers of the night, and without a doubt, Eminem did not disappoint, especially when he brought our 50 cent on stage with him. Even though it started to rain (and so happy we bought an Eminem rain jacket from the merch shop) singin out loud in the rain made it a memory we could never forget.
Check out a few of my favorite shots from the night, before my camera decided to die and leave me with crappy cell phone pics. (You can also see more of my concert photography HERE)
Ps. Love that we noticed Jason Genao in the crowd, asked if he could take a picture with my little brother, who totally made his day. My brother spread the pic to his group chat where they were all jealous that he got to meet “Ruby” from Netflix’s “On my Block”