Family: Amaury’s 1st Birthday

Now that I’m practically the only sibling (not counting my 18 year old brother) without a kid, it’s pretty standard for the kid parties to take over my life. So many kids, so little time, and it seems that they grow so quickly. Still feels like he was just popped out.
The youngest of the bunch is turning 1. My nephew Amaury, my little grumpy old man (because he always grunts at you with an attitude) was being celebrated.
Originally we were supposed to spend the weekend in the Poconos at a water park, but since he wasn’t feeling so well, it was a safer bet to keep it at home—and stay away from other germ infected children.
For it being a last minute gathering, my sister Jula and her boo Mauricio did a great job of throwing everything together. The theme was Paw Patrol, and they all had the adorable t-shirts to match.
Check out some pics from our night and a Happy Birthday to my little old man!