Family: Mami Get’s Confirmed


Sundays are for family. If you’ve been around this blog for a little while, you definitely have heard that saying before. It’s been a little tricky lately since we all have so much stuff going on. Last weekend I was in Miami for a day (You’ll read about that soon enough) and my schedule, and everyone else’s get’s a little hectic. This Sunday my mother was getting confirmed at our church. She’s been taking all her classes, and today was the big day.
Yo, this mass was 3 hours…. that is waaaaay too long!
I can do my hour mass and go about my day, but three hours!? It didn’t help that one of the pastors spoke low into his microphone, so I was dozing in an out of that sermon. The rest was absolutely beautiful. We were restricted on taking pictures and I was internally twitching. Here I am with my bog old camera and huge telephoto lens attached and I can’t even capture the moment the way I want to. I get it though, respect the house of the lord— (doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it)
After mass, we all went out to eat. My gorgeous little niece and nephew, Amaury & Harlie were little monsters, eating everything in sight. They’re getting so big so fast, I can’t stand it!
The adult’s food order took forever, so I did my part in stuffing my face with salad and breadsticks. My entree is currently getting devoured on my lunch break while I type up this post. Hey, make it work.