Photo Journal: Training Jolie

We all have friends who we barely see anymore. Life happens, we all get busy, we all have things that need to get done.
On this weekend, I wanted to surprise and make some time for friends who have always been so dear to me. Their house is usually loud and filled with laughter. I used to love spending summer’s in Connecticut and forgetting all my troubles of NYC life, even if it was just for a  little bit.
This morning stroll, Jolie, who’s the spitting image of her father wanted to take her bike out for spin. She’s gotten so big and beautiful, it only reminded me of when I held her as a baby. But she’s a big girl now, and she was telling me how she was ready to ride with training wheels. I believe her, but I don’t think anyone is ready for that yet.
Can you stay small just a little bit longer?
Maybe the wheels will be gone next time I come to visit.