Illustration: Ada Does All Things

    You know that conversation we all have had before? The one where we express how evil social media is. How we’re all becoming brain dead, and do things just for “likes”? or maybe to become “Instagram Famous”? or become controversial on Twitter so you can be trending…  Some people do the “most” and I agree that many things need to be handled better, or even expressed in better light.
On a different scale, I have to say that one of the many things I appreciate about social media is the sense of community it gives you. There are feel good pages and people who strive you be a better version of yourself, and one of those people that I wanted to shine a light on is Ada Rojas from .
I have been following Ada on her instagram for some time now, and I adore her grit. She works so hard, and balances an inspirational way to follow your dreams, and to be beautiful, both inside and out. She has this gratuitous spirit about her, and I knew I just had to draw her.  She recently posted one of her skin care routines in collaboration with Gillette Venus‘s razors, and inspiration hit. That image of her in the tub, with her hair wrapped up and shaving her legs… I grabbed my ipad right away and got to work. I love how this piece came out. I wanted to capture Ada girly,  in hints of purple, and multi tasking— one of her many talents!
See more of Ada below on her: