Testimonial: Rosa

Every time one of my pieces get adopted into a new home, it’s like magic!
Read Rosa’s sweet words below:

When I first decided I wanted a painting of my mother Yemoya, I wasn’t sure who would do her justice. Then Milli posted some of her work on mermaids and I knew she was the one for me!!!
I told her bits and pieces of what I want and gave her a lot of freedom. I wanted her to have fun so I could feel the piece when it came home.  OMG, did she deliver!!!
She (my mermaid) is breathtaking from her black her to her curves. The glitter on her fin was a surprise, the power I feel when I look in her eyes. Oh, and FYI the moons GLOW IN THE DARK!!! Absolutely amazing!
Couldn’t have asked for a better person to have made this for me. Thank you so much for putting so much love into her.