Family: Thanksgiving 2017



This poor pig never had a chance.
This year I didn’t really have plans. I was going to volunteer at the mission like I did last year. I guess my body had something else in mind, because I woke up around 1pm, exhausted.
Mami and I spent our whole day watching Christmas chick flicks back to back. Once 9pm hit, we figured it was time to stop being couch potatoes.
When we walked into Goonie and Tio Henry’s house the first thing you noticed was the full pig on table. I’m a huge carnivore, don’t get me wrong, but seeing my meal with a face, always makes me sad.
Before our meal, we all prayed, picking on each other at the same time. Our meal was delicious, especially that mac n’cheese. We laughed and gossiped like most Dominicans do, and my 4th glass of wine let me join in a bit!
I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with full bellies and full heartsΒ β™₯

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