Family: A Klutz in a Resort

So we have the ceremony, the reception… What comes after??? That’s right, the honeymoon!
Um… No it wasn’t that kind of honey moon, (and if it was, I don’t want to know about it, gross)
Punta Cana, here we come. And we were rolling deep. This was in all its entirety, a family vacation.

So not only was it my parents, my 4 siblings, 2 of their kids, 2 spouses, both of our grandmother’s, 4 aunt’s, 2 uncle’s and 7 cousin’s… Let’s just say getting a table to fit all of us for dinner was a bit complicated.

The drive to the resort wasn’t so bad considering it was about 4 hours. But once I saw the sign for Be Live Resort, I was happy to be able to stretch my legs.

37737189885_b7018a4a8a_o (1)

 Since our rooms weren’t ready (and really, how could they be with 24 people) we all dashed to the buffet. The many choices of chicken, beef, porkchops, different flavors of rice, mangu, potatoes, stew, name was there. Well… Seafood wasn’t there, what the hell was that about? I wanted some lobster!

We all stuffed our faces and waddled to the front desk to get our room keys.

   My brother Luis was upset someone had his car keys, and his luggage was inside. I was upset my room was placed on the other side of the island (or so it seemed). Everyone who was around my age group seemed to be together, while I got stuck with the oldies (sorry guys) How am I supposed to have fun, when the veijos were all around me? Not happening.
   After hitting the front desk and playing tradsies with our key cards, I was finally happy. It was time to unpack and to jump in to a pool, which I had plenty of choices on which one I wanted to try first.

    First day here and I’m already getting into trouble. That’s what I get for always being the one with the camera, trying to capture everything. My little brother Jeremy is having fun, splashing around and my father is laying pool side with a toe or two in the water. I walk alongside the pool to get a better shot, next thing I know my whole right leg went through the pool filter.
    As much pain as I was in… I was grateful for once in my life I was wearing the neck strap. My arm was just clutching the camera with all my might, over the water, all while my leg was busy bleeding.
   “Ay Dios mio!” My mother screams. I find a way to stand, and the blood near my knees is dripping over the obvious big ass bruise I’m going to get soon. Ice was brought over and my leg sits on top of another chair, soaking. I’ve only been here for about an hour.
I limped my way back to the room after some pain killers and told myself I wasnt going to ruin my vacation. I can cry when I get back to NY.