With Chaos Comes Change

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“I been gone for a minute, now I’m back at the jump off”
– Lil Kim

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking, where the hell have you been? and if you’re not, then you’re not really loyal.
It’s been a little more than 2 months guys! Did you miss me?

This break wasn’t really planned, and maybe it’s for the best. I just needed a breather, and I guess that’s what happened naturally.
I have so much to catch you up on, and if you follow me on instagram, on either of my two profiles, then you know I’ve been a little busy traveling.
First things first, I gotta show you guys all the amazing photographs from my trip to London and Rome. It was …a dream. Especially all the food in Italy. (A girl got fat) I took another trip after… yes… my parents got married…by the church this time! — Gotta show you some of those as well. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and I told myself I wasn’t going to cry. –I lied.
Let’s see, what else, I finally decided to start dating again, mhmmm… after like a year and change— That drought was needed. I needed to focus on myself, on what I wanted. And truthfully I was too sad to do anything but feel heartbroken, and just cry all night. The tears have faded, it still hurts a bit, and as much love as I still have, life moves on, and so shall I.
No, there’s no one special, but knowing that I’m open to the idea of getting out there is a huge deal and step one.
Work has been hectic, and it seems like my desk is always stacked up with paperwork and to-do lists. I’m still drawing of course, and I have plenty of new pieces to share with you guys. Which naturally only means, that new merchandise will be up at the shop soon. So please look for that, a girl has bills!
See, I told you… I may not have been here, but that doesn’t mean I’m gone forever. (or not being productive) I’ve had this blog for way too many years (almost 12) for me to just give it all up now.
Changes, they usually arrive right after chaos.
Much love to you always,