Cuba: Making it to Matanzas

It’s our last day in Habana, our check out and taxi arrival is supposed to be at 10am. Beatriz, our lovely host meets us at the airbnb and watches us do our last minute packing from the couch. I leave two dresses for her, and two Yankee fitteds for Jovani. I thank them for being so amazing, and stick the post it on the items, leaving them where she can clearly find them. It’s 10:20am now and our taxi still hasn’t arrived. Olivia says she confirmed the reservation, but we’re stuck waiting. We find the house number for the second spot we’re staying at, and give them a call. They didn’t know we confirmed the taxi. Beatriz asks them to head out this way right now, we’re waiting and she has other apartments that she needs to be at. I apologize for the inconvenience and she insists its no trouble. The cab should be here at 1pm, and since we have plenty of time to kill, we decide to go for a walk and roam the neighborhood for a while. We had yet to do that since we arrived, and have been taking taxis everywhere.
The streets are beautiful, I love the colorful houses and the rustic feel to most of it. The island is poor, but many of the houses start to look more modern. We go into a restaurant and order some food, it’s almost 1pm and we don’t want to miss this ride. I ask for a to go box and dash out. Our driver is waiting for us in front of the house. We hand Beatriz the keys and hop on. I’m not feeling too well today, this migraine is killing me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven’t been drinking much water. I fall asleep on Tanya’s lap and two hours later I open my eyes. We’re officially in Matanzas. Matanzas is a major industrial town with an import port for exporting sugar. Their mostly known for their many bridges, and they were many!
Our second airbnb host was sweet, while we wait at the restaurant that’s in her backyard, we pull out our takeout boxes and start to eat. My pescado was delicious, and not salty which is just what my doctor recommends I start doing. She brings us a frothy coconut juice and its delicious. Tanya goes off chasing a hawk that keeps flying above us. I named him Henry, while Luna, the cute little puppy that roams the backyard makes his way towards us. He is so damn cute and not shy when it comes to being held. He just lays there waiting for you to pet him.

Our apartment is cozy and fancier than the last. The first thing you notice is a hot tub with a gorgeous green tile right next to a bar. Oh, we will be using that later. We take a 30 minute nap, and head right back out. Every other car that passed us was honking at us, we got catcalled or was whistled at. Either the local men really love exotic women, or they just love women in general. Tanya’s rule No.1: Don’t make eye contact! I chuckle, because I find it harmless. As soon as they catcall they don’t do much after, they walk away.

When we get back we open up the bottle of rum we had started at Tropicana and wait for the hot tub to fill up. Hot tub minus the hot. The water was cool and there were no bubbles. I decide to go in with only panties, and Olivia joins me in my free titties stance. We talk boys, heartbreaks, work life, family life and bond over old memories, all while trying to plan out new ones. At this point all of us are just chilling in the tub bra less, with our boobs floating in the water. I open up a bottle of wine and continue on with our stories.