Carrying my camera has been feeling like such a hassle lately. She’s just so bulky, and having her in my bag every day is becoming a strain on my shoulders, Ever since I updated  my phone to the Galaxy S6, I barely take her out anymore. Granted, there’s nothing better than having a DSLR capture an image, but my phone has been doing a pretty good job trying to keep up.

I really want to upgrade  my camera to the new Canon Rebel T6s, a whooping $1,200. All I keep thinking when I see that  number, is “Damn, I could really take a trip somewhere with all that cash”. Hopefully I’ll have some luck selling my Canon Rebel T3i, and that will put a tiny bit of ease in my pocket. Hey, I work so hard to get what I want, eat what I eat, and experience all of the things on my bucketlist,

Ok, ok,  back to where this post was originally headed.

I’ve been super addicted to Snapchat lately, so every time I see something that catches my eye, I’ve been snapping away, yes, more than usual. Which is really hard to image, since I’m always taking pictures. These are a few images that I’ve captured throughout my week. I hope you guys like.

Wish me some luck and determination guys, I’m getting that new camera…. and oh…if all works out, I’ll be taking another trip soon, yay!

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