Santo Domingo: Day 3: Feliz Dia De La Independencia

Buenos Dias Republica Dominicana!

What better way to start off the celebration of Indpendence Day, than actually being in the place you’re celebrating!?

When I was a little girl, maybe like 5 or so,  and used to live in Santo Domingo, I remember being dressed up in a huge pink devil costume ready for the carnaval. I remember being scared of the monsters, but having fun at the same time. Now that I’m much much older (goodness, I’m getting old) this time I would be able to celebrate like the adults do… with a lot of liquor.
It made much more sense to take the bus over to La Vega, another city in La Republica Dominicana, since we were all going to be drinking and nobody wanted to be the responsible designated driver.

When we first got there, the sun was beaming, I decided to wear a dress, don’t ask me why, because I ended up regretting it later once I got beat up, I’ll explain later.

My hip was killing me from the day I busted my ass at the bar, and these diablos weren’t helping. They’re dressed from head to toe and carry these balloons filled with cow fat that hardens…and then they beat you in the butt with them. yes, you read that correctly. Chris got hit first, and he thought I was the mastermind behind it all. I call him over and tell him to pose with one of the diablos, and another comes up right behind him and pops him right in the ass! I was cracking up, and lucky me got to capture that pain.
The guys scurried off and snuck some Brugal in, so we all go to enjoy the music while we tried our best to cover our butts.

My cousin Ernesto had plans of his own, since he kept being conniving and kept planning to get us hit. He would call the diablos over and sneak behind us so one of gets hit. What a bully!
(when Chris got hit ….look at that face! ↑)

I’m not even going to lie, when I got hit, ouch! I felt that sting for the rest of the night. I was in so much pain. I got hit on my right buttcheek, and I didn’t even get the chance to see the diablo that beat me!
Night time arrived at the guys were feeling it. Ernesto the show off that he is got Chris to take his shirt off and somehow I ended up being hassled into taking pictures of them… who did they think they were? lol  They were showing off their tattoos and their muscles (cough cough cough)