Love Lavache at Gallery Bar

1It’s been a long time since I had a little fun. Meeting up with Misha I decided the perfect place was to head to Gallery Bar where Tanya (Love Lavache was) showcasing one of her painting in support of :tumblr_n3ok9rdKbv1s6g39lo1_500When we got there it was super early, and we had the chance to mingle with other artists. Misha couldn’t resist purchasing one of ChrisOriginals fitted caps.

I definitely liked the orange one the best. He was cool people so we basically kidnapped him for the night until the rest of our party got there. After all the performers, poets, rappers, singers did their thing, the small gallery turned into a lounge vibe and the dj started to play some cool 2003_2009 hits. Which got us all excited so we decided to dance, and dance we did.
Enjoy the pics of our night.
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