Tatu’s Blackbook Birthday Surprise

Remember when I posted that I was painting in Queens. and couldn’t show you what I was working on?
Well, here goes…
Xmen started off as a graff crew but has expanded into so much more. From helping the youth with many art programs, charities, donations for Kids who don’t have supplies for school, toy donations for foster kids for Christmas and so much more. Xmen is just a “feel good” community filled with many talented artists. Running the show is Tatu, who’s birthday has just recently passed.

Though I wasn’t able to make it to the birthday celebration, Zacto the sweetheart that he is was planning a heartfelt gift for Tatu which required help from the whole team.
A black book, first 4 pages with Tatu’s graff life story. How he started, how he got his name, people he’s met, spots he’s hit. The rest of the book filled with stickers from the team. ( Which we all had to mail t to Zacto ) I of course mailed a few, but I also had the chance of sketching something out for him.
The lovely Sabrina recorded the special moment for me and for all of you to see.

Here’s the whole book for you guys to see.( click on any image to make larger )
See more of Sabrina’s work here.

Jasmine’s Mural/Xmen Painting

I set up and sent out massive text messages to my family. We will be meeting up at Jasmine’s mural for the first time at 2′ o clock.

Silly me, showed up late… how embarrassing. I picked up two bouquets of flowers, one colorful and one purple, Jasmine’s favorite color. I also picked up three candles… and headed out.

I met up with my bestfriend Ari, which you all should know by now,  and sister Julissa. It took us almost close to forever to get there, but I knew damn well, it was worth it.

I was actually very proud and satisfied with the outcome of how many of my family members showed up. Especially since many failed to respond to my messages. Once, I saw my Abuela Magaly I knew everyone was serious. That’s the head honcho. I was also glad I wasn’t the only one who brought anything. My cousin Sasha was a doll and brought flowers as well.

We all said a prayer…. everyone seemed to love the mural, I was so grateful that the three artist, Zacto, Phil and Sopa blessed us…. and even better yet, came and met my family.

A short while later, everyone split and I stayed, catching up with the guys, especially since I haven’t seen them in so long. Ari and Jula decided to keep me company, which made me happy.

I was asked to paint, and of course I couldn’t resist…. It’s been so long since I’ve picked up a can and put in some work.

The girls have seen many pictures of my work, but have never seen me in action…. let alone this being unplanned, no sketch or anything.


They even started to imitate the Minxette. Since I was painting last night, this was the pose that was etched in my brain, so I stuck with it.

    The guys were working on a killer piece, with who better than Wolverine!

Sopa did my letters, especially since I’m so terrible at them, while I worked on my character.


I had so much fun, I have a lot of practicing to do. I need to stop slacking.Today was a good day, I’m glad I got to spend it with loved ones. Both Family and crew.

All photographs but the first by Misha Merino