1,000th Post! New Body Art: Horned Crys


This is officially 2minxinx’s 1,000th Blog Post!

 I think that calls for a celebration (pours wine glass)

Credits:    |  Photographer: David Zayas Jr.  |  Body Artist: 2Minxinx  |  Makeup Artist: Rachell Ventura  |  Model: Crystal  |

 As you all know, I spend a  lot of my time painting hot women on hot women. What better way to bless the number thousand with some new artwork. For this session I was blessed with good friend Crystal‘s body as a canvas. She’s the sweetest in the face with the spiciest attitude. What a perfect blend. As usual I had the talented David Zayas Jr. shoot while Rachell worked her magic on her face.

I decided to paint a horned woman with a blue bob on the side of her thigh, just enough to travel up her torso. When I threw the Nike’s on her, I knew it was meant to be.

Let me know what you guys think, and let’s have a toast, and let’s hope there’s 1,000 more posts to go!

kiss kiss

Online Find: I’m Enough

The internet is filled with crazy, rude behavior but sometimes you bump into something with the greatest feel good moment. I bumped into this video at The Huffington Post , and I couldn’t resist but to share with you guys.

This is what HP had to say:

All too often women look in the mirror and think they’re not good enough – previousresearch from Dove has shown only 4% of women around the world would consider themselves to be “beautiful”.

But a new campaign is aiming to get more of us loving our reflection.

Started by an all-female band from Texas called The Mrs, the #imEnough campaign uses a “magic mirror” to help women see just how fabulous they are, both inside and out.

When the women in the above video look in the mirror, they’re asked to describe how they feel about themselves. Most respond with “okay” or “not so hot”.

But, not content to accept these negative responses, the mirror transforms into a screen which displays heartfelt messages from the women’s friends and family about how fantastic they are.

It turns out these women have been loving mothers, wives, grandmothers and friends who’ve made some seriously beautiful sacrifices to make others happy.

By the end of the film, the women have been persuaded that they are “enough”, just they way they are.

Grab your tissues, it’s seriously moving stuff….

After watching this video, I have to admit my heart sank a bit, but it wasn’t a bad sinking, it was one of those moments where I was so close to shedding a tear. Don’t laugh at me!

See for yourself.

Original Post by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

New Body Art: Aura Ready?

UntitledDavid and I have done it again…. I hope you guys aren’t sick of us yet! But with all these beautiful babes, who would be?

This time we got to work with Aura, a free spirit with a potty mouth and good heart. She mentioned she was eager about knowing where I was going to paint her, since she has through my portfolio and it seems almost every body part had been used. So why not change things up a little!?

I told her to kick her legs up and I got to painting. Check out the shots David caught of her.

notoesup.2paintbuttnewfriendzPs. This is my 800th Blog Post, yay!!!!!!!!!!

Art Now NY Presents-Push It- An All Women Art Show

4Tanya and I made our way to an All Women Art Show on W28th Street. Fellow talented ladies like Lady Pink, Queen Andrea, Indie 184, Tracy Piper, Elle, Alice Mizrachi, Katrina Del Mar and so many other phenomenal women. As soon as I arrived, I bumped into Phil, one of my friends that I always manage to bump into at art shows. It was packed! Once we roamed the halls that led to 3 different rooms, we hunted for food, roamed the High Line and Chelsea Market. We ended up a cute Spanish dinner on 23rd St. I ordered Ropa Vieja, even though I was in the mood for a cheesecake. I did however end up seeing something different on this menu that I should’ve tried, It was an avocado milkshake! I think I’m gonna have to to back for it.

Check out these pics from our night and the amazing works by so many talented ladies. Until Next guys and gals!1cb375036ff5b6d0a8b411e038b0949dIMG_3213 5 6 71 8 9 1011IMG_321311 PicMonkey Collage1IMG_31222IMG_321611314IMG_33091

Blood, Sweat and Tears- My artshow

We are two dynamic New York City

based Latina artists, coming

together to showcase a new art

collection titled

“Blood, Sweat & Tears.” 

Our works will display the artist’s

hearts, struggles, and passions

as Latina New Yorkers on canvas.

Through the generous contributions

by Ogilvy&Mather and LatinRED,

NEXTMARVEL we invited you to experience the new collection,

hosted by Ogilvy&Mather;

in a one night only art presentation

and silent auction


This post is super over due, especially since my show was on June 6th and the month is almost over..

Time goes by so quickly and the work is always stacking up.]

June 6th 2013 I had the pleasure of doing a duo show with the talented and 10 year friend of mine, Tanya Lavache.7163_511531902247679_426898457_n

This show was stressful and hectic from many parts, not just my end.

I know Next Marvel, who curated the show went absolutely ape caca running around trying to get everything done and absolutely perfect.


With a lack of time, and funds everything turned out great in the end.

But let’s start at the beginning.8630_511529388914597_1939802011_n

I started painting last minute due to crazy months(which is no excuse)

I had a specific theme in mind and was being super picky to what I wanted to portray.

Not to mention the fact that the show’s theme was Blood, Sweat and Tears.


Something I really wanted to get down and dirty with and actually go “extra” on.

I especially wanted to show sadness on my canvases, grief and loss being swallowed away by substances that are  not the best for you.

Cigarettes, Wine etc.

Though you really can’t see the canvases in the backgrounds clearly, I will be posting up pictures soon that will make it much better for you guys to see.


Lately I’ve been on this purple, green and orange craze.

I only wanted to stick to those colors and all the new pieces that I painted was just that.

It looks so halloweeny( my made up word)

but that’s not the only reason why I’ve been fonding so crazy about it.1614_511528945581308_2140291567_n

Green has always been my favorite color, especially neon green. I always tend to use it in my work to give it a pop of “bam, in  your face” effect.

Orange is an acquired taste. Not everyone is fond of it, but I love the brightness of it, especially when it’s so saturated. To me it reflects originality.

Purple, ha… I could go on for this one. I’ll keep it simple though. I know many say the color of royalty, but all I think about is Jasmine.

Her favorite color yes, but conveniently enough, the color for domestic violence awareness.

Well, enough about that.. let’s get back to the show.706164_511529995581203_1394491776_o

Jorge, I know we (Tanya and I) drove you absolutely crazy.

Promotion, location, event details, cancellations, etc.

But you absolutely outdid yourself and for that I thank you.

945908_511534458914090_217332069_n (1)

Originally the show was to be held at the Ogilvy  Rooftop.

Ogilvy was kind and generous enough to let us use their location for our event.

I was the told the Rooftop looked marvelous, though I never got to see it.

Due to the weather, our show was pushed to the cafeteria…

which looked good.

So no complaints from me.


I arrived with my coworker Marlene, she’s such a doll and she’s in here somewhere with the blonde hair and pink dress.

And of course with Kat, (wearing the Bowser muscle T)  straight out of work.. and getting ready was hilarious.

(You’ll see those pictures in my next “Never Made It’s)


Misha, the best friend and photographer was already there snapping away and greeted me with open arms.

I missed her so much and due to our busy lives and both of us dealing with so much, and now living in different boroughs again…

times together have been a little tougher to come by.

Not that we don’t have text each other randomly with super awesome news all the time.


When I walked in Tanya was already being interviewed by Astrid, reporter and writer for Artsy Magazine.

(which you can see their  post about our show HERE)

and my turn was soon to arrive.1004426_511533932247476_483057204_n

I know Tanya had already prepared her speech. Which we were required to do.

Give the audience a little peek into what it is we are about.

What we represent.

What we want to accomplish.

Mention that this was an auction show, and bidding was now open.

And of course, thank NextMarvel for curating us.

Thank Ogilvy for their support and hosting our show.


Yeah,I did none of that.



I grabbed that mic and winged it.

But I promise you this, I said all I needed to say and had everyone laughing.

Straight to the point and direct.


Well, enough about my rambling.. enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the actual pictures of my work,

and also, the reviews of the show.1008207_511532085580994_262445937_o

(Edgar and Tanya discussing prices for bidding)1008243_511533495580853_1446954213_o

(getting the crowd excited)1008248_511529358914600_751473406_o 1008319_511529818914554_1044991686_o

(Medz and Stevie)
1008361_511533085580894_865297135_o 1008400_511532112247658_1419997804_o

(Interview with Astrid)1008411_511529122247957_305587958_o

(Oli and friend)

(Behind the scenes shot of Gabe, Jorge and Manny setting up)1009012_511533102247559_622400360_o

(J.S…. Thank you for purchase)1009253_511529545581248_1601570654_o

(Michelle and Tanya)1009335_511533582247511_1488510304_o 1009360_511534398914096_289407827_o 1009365_511532592247610_1569928532_o 1009382_511534262247443_5070196_o 1009383_511529578914578_328774940_o 1009517_511532208914315_57232456_o 1009530_511528685581334_1639323909_o 1009552_511529322247937_1268136673_o 1009932_511528735581329_621665587_n 1010160_511528832247986_374089083_n 1011383_511530542247815_770728952_n 1012109_511534552247414_1078474237_n

(Emilyn, thank you for your purchase, you are too cute.

I hope you enjoyed the thank you letter I sent you.)1014489_511529962247873_1502253058_o 1014503_511530575581145_1186074814_o 1014503_511532942247575_839223446_o

(Hitting black books, I never stray for too long)1014524_511533268914209_2061300375_o

(Philly, being Phil)1014732_511529692247900_522249852_o 1014737_511528912247978_293012544_o

(boom, I got the mic)1014870_511531875581015_2036007021_o 1014879_511529088914627_691562190_o

(Marlene and Kat)1015054_511533295580873_827863303_o 1015077_511530398914496_1134159735_o

(Q acting a fool..that’s a black mail picture right there, imagine all the possibilities with photoshop)1015085_511532698914266_799194156_o 1015125_511530122247857_1943516092_o

(The Photographers, gracias.)1015125_511533575580845_70655654_o 1015143_511532738914262_231947263_o 1015143_511532922247577_2022893490_o

(This man right here,we drive each other crazy..but we get the job done)1015154_511528808914655_1747524486_o

(some of the crowd listening while we speak)1015191_511531792247690_2043259687_o 1015236_511530555581147_1561076163_o 1015278_511529795581223_2052404965_o 1015278_511532478914288_2084624793_o 1015298_511534238914112_1629405916_o 1015510_511532362247633_1730720329_o 1015513_511530372247832_1444860946_o

It was a great night.1015792_511529985581204_1953358914_o

Thank you to all those who came out and supported our work.

Enjoyed the new art.

Said hello.

Drank a little booze.


A very grateful thank you to those who actually purchased paintings, you are deeply appreciated.

Without the support, it wouldn’t be the same.

The love for it all might be shy,

materials would not be bought.

and expressions will be trapped in our minds forever.


Photography by : Misha Merino and Manny Inoa

1015807_511530375581165_1297765018_oSponsored  by:


And a special thank you to logoimgThank you for all your hard-work. It is greatly appreciated.

Did You Know? Clitoris Edition





New Artwork- Priscilla

This commission piece was ordered by the lovely Priscilla ( @babygirl_priss )

 She was looking for a piece for her room  that resembled her and I was more than happy to be of service.

Of course I had to give her some awesome cheekbones like Priscilla does, and everything else just fell into place. I positioned her in a small round red cushioned sofa with a gold ornate headboard, some ruffled panties, long black hair, Christian Louboutin heels and  a gold bracelet with  the initial “P”.

 As for the background, a dark royal blue, wooden floors with a cute round yellow striped rug with fringes surrounding it and an ornate frame on the wall…check out the the picture inside the frame.. it’s a print of my logo!

And because Priscilla was such a doll and a pleasure to work with, I couldn’t resist and gave her a little present to express my gratitude. A mini canvas of the Minxinx logo, bordered with stripes….

I’m so glad she loved it!

( click on any image to make larger )