New Body Art: Aura Ready?

David and I have done it again.... I hope you guys aren't sick of us yet! But with all these beautiful babes, who would be? This time we got to work with Aura, a free spirit with a potty mouth and good heart. She mentioned she was eager about knowing where I was going to … Continue reading New Body Art: Aura Ready?

Art Now NY Presents-Push It- An All Women Art Show

Tanya and I made our way to an All Women Art Show on W28th Street. Fellow talented ladies like Lady Pink, Queen Andrea, Indie 184, Tracy Piper, Elle, Alice Mizrachi, Katrina Del Mar and so many other phenomenal women. As soon as I arrived, I bumped into Phil, one of my friends that I always … Continue reading Art Now NY Presents-Push It- An All Women Art Show

New Body Art: Rabiii0sa

It's been a little while since I've posted up new body art for you guys. This time I had the awesome Alejandra, Rabiii0sa, to you guys, join in on the fun. She was so great to work with, painting her was a snap, and after picking on her for a few, a few beers loosen her … Continue reading New Body Art: Rabiii0sa