Comic Gallery

Let's start at the beginning. I barely got any sleep due to my sniffles, ( yes, I'm a baby like that ) I finally fell asleep at 1am just to wake up at 2:30am to head to work. I had a 5am shift, and I couldn't be late. Yes, that's expected for any other regular … Continue reading Comic Gallery

New Artwork- Hipster

So here's a new digital painting for you guys. I gave her a lavender two sided ponytail, an ear cuff, a nipple piercing, a tattoo of the "minxinx logo" on her back/shoulder, hunter green lips and a baby green bottom piece undies with a weed print that shows just enough ass... There was no other … Continue reading New Artwork- Hipster

New Artwork – Dark Skinned Beauty

My first dark skinned Minxette! I was so excited, and I have to say I absolutely fell in looooooove with it. ( As cocky as that may seem ) I started off as I usually do, a basic sketch in mind, never on paper , with the image of flowing hair. Yeah, that did not … Continue reading New Artwork – Dark Skinned Beauty