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lLily Allen – 22

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Comic Gallery

Let’s start at the beginning. I barely got any sleep due to my sniffles, ( yes, I’m a baby like that ) I finally fell asleep at 1am just to wake up at 2:30am to head to work. I had a 5am shift, and I couldn’t be late. Yes, that’s expected for any other regular day at work, but this time I was being sent to a different location and best of all ( sarcastic ) I was going to be spending my day with corporate.

I can’t complain since it was only a four hour shift, but with an hour and a half of commute each way, it was time for me to be grouchy.

I have to admit, I have never appreciated my job and it’s location more than I have this day. I was working with two coworkers from my location, and I couldn’t be more relieved. Everyone else was from different sites, and yes I give everyone chances. I can be friendly and make conversation. There’s only so much you can do though… personalities so dry!

Thank goodness T and B were there! ( You can see them above putting the statues’ ball sack in their mouth ) lol

Oh, wait… that’s me.

After our amazing shift was over ( sarcasm again ) we decided to walk around the mall.

Can you believe I have never been inside the 59th Street Columbus Circle Mall?

So sad, I know.

First stop was the main floor which let’s be honest, we only roamed about two seconds worth of time after we bumped into the huge bronze statue with his balls out… yes, we act like kids!

Once we got the second floor I fell in love.

There was a public viewing ( COUGH COUGH.. FREE ) of the works of many different artists, with one theme in mind…

You guessed it …DC Comics.

If you didn’t get that right, you need to get your common sense checked. )

There was so many great pieces… and honestly this made me feel better about missing Comic Con.

There was Green Lantern , Superman and Catwoman ( waaaay above ) made out Legos.

But, my favorite piece… ( Dum da dum… ) had to be this one….Mocked, or in better words…refrenced by the famous painting,

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat in 1884-6

Here’s the original, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about:

And here is the one I was drooling over:

This one is titled ” Saturday Morning in front of La Salle De Justice” by Rey Taira 2012

This painting is featured in the Darkness & Light exhibition currently touring the United States as part of DC Entertainment’s We Can Be Heroes initiative to combat hunger in the Horn of Africa.

Check out their website and do what you can to help.

The day didn’t turn out that bad, especially since I was in such a great mood afterwards. I ended up going to my location and working another four hours, giving me my full 8 hour shift..

There’s Leee, Shamil, me and Ariana acting silly.

Until next time guys!

New Artwork- Hipster

So here’s a new digital painting for you guys.

I gave her a lavender two sided ponytail, an ear cuff, a nipple piercing, a tattoo of the “minxinx logo” on her back/shoulder, hunter green lips and a baby green bottom piece undies with a weed print that shows just enough ass…

There was no other obvious title for this beauty but ” Hipster “.

Let me know what you guys think =]

New Artwork – Dark Skinned Beauty

My first dark skinned Minxette! I was so excited, and I have to say I absolutely fell in looooooove with it. ( As cocky as that may seem )

I started off as I usually do, a basic sketch in mind, never on paper , with the image of flowing hair. Yeah, that did not last long.

I started with her huge fro,  and limited her body to just a torso.

Long lashes, green eyes,  tiny specks of gold glittered chandelier earrings, and a cute little overbite….

 I made her pop out of a tribal/ornate frame with a swirled background surrounded by huge chunks of glitter.

I hope you guys enjoy this piece as much as I am, and if you would like to own this 16″x20″ studio canvas, Please feel free to email me at 2minxinx@gmail.com because it is currently on Sale!