Waterfight with my fellas

I spent the day with my favorite boys. The little brother Jeremy, my godson Zj, and my guy, Chris. We were supposed to head to Central Park for the huge water fight, and after during our homework and rumors of it being shut down, we were befittingly discouraged when we headed to Toys R’ Us and couldn’t find any water guns to purchase.

We turned out to make some even last minute plans. I picked up ZJ, who I haven’t seen in forever and missed terribly, picked up Chris’s mom and pops and headed to my parents house.

Yes, you read that right.

I’ve had my parents meet the parents of little boyfriend’s here and there, but never anything where we all hung out. Especially at the each other’s homes. And what’s crazier and kind of a bit perfect, was that none of this was even planned. It kind of just happened. I called up my dad and told him I was coming over with people. Let’s get the BBQ grill ready because I’m bringing beers.

Everything went great.


Not that I was nervous or anything, I honestly didn’t even catch what the hell happened until our night was over. In my head I was just like “Dude, our parents just met and hung out, woah!”

The water fight was everything. Refreshing and full of attacks. We went from me & Jeremy against Zj, to Zj and Jeremy against me, Zj against Chris, and everyone versus everyone. We were all running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Beers were passed around, and the burgers were much needed after all of that running. Today was a wonderful day of summer. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.

Waterfights and Sunflowers

IMG_5365My original plan was go to Central Park’s annual water fight, where hundreds of New Yorkers get together and well, fight! After stopping by my local toy shop to pick up some water guns (seems like I buy new ones every time, because I always give them away to little kids or something) I met up with good friends Maryann and Kevin, the cutest couple ever.

IMG_5332IMG_5338 IMG_5337

We finally arrived at the park, even though we thought we were gonna get lost because I never been to that side of the park before. We found the Great Lawn in no time. Now the problem was, we didn’t see anybody wetting each other like crazy. All we saw was people tanning on the grass and baseball being played.

That wasn’t gonna stop us from having fun regardless…. it was each man for themselves, and since there were only 2 guns, someone was assed out on rotation.


We stopped by The Turtle Pond, where Kevin found some berries and got us girls to grow some “cojones” and feed the turtles, one which snapped right away at Maryann. Mine was a bit fussy, and after chasing him for a few seconds, he finally gave in.

IMG_5369IMG_5373 IMG_5381

The sun was beaming and the water pistols were refreshing after all that catching up and “hiking” we were doing. At least that’s what it felt like we were doing. My combat rain boots didn’t help.


After the stroll, M & K were read for part two of their day, they were headed to Brooklyn Bridge to go bicycling. While walking to the train, Maryann surprised with the cutest gift.

I looooove sunflowers, they’re my favorite flowers if I had to pick one. That and cactus, but back to the sunflowers. I have never owned sunflowers, let alone received them as a gift, let alone received them for no reason.

MaryAnn was sneaky about it while shopping for them, I gave her the best hug I knew how. Now they sit on my kitchen table looking absolutely beautiful.

IMG_5414Grungy New York with a side of Pretty ↓20140629_181106

Check out my outfit of the day illustration:
ootdAnd also, check out Honschar, the artist behind the awesome sidewalk chalk graffiti we bumped into!1372784350218-xtralight8080perc.jpg