How sad is it, that you have some different great locations in your hometown and you never get to experience them? So many people travel to NYC to see all the sights, buildings, monuments etc. and knowing that we have all of this beauty in our backyard and just letting it go to waste. Oli … Continue reading Flowergasm

Science Project at Sweet Science

When I say something, I get it done. i told you guys I was going to start going to more artshows and that's exactly what I'm doing. I decided to drag Chris with me, on a last minute notice, after a few beers. We headed to Sweet Science where I got to see the works … Continue reading Science Project at Sweet Science

Simply Stunning Sunset

I don't know about you guys, but did you notice almost everyone was uploading pictures of the sky the other day? Question is, can you blame them? I was on the train, on my way home from work and the sky with that sunset was jaw dropping. The colors were so vibrant and blended beautifully. … Continue reading Simply Stunning Sunset

Tuti’s Performace

I met up with Jen in Fort Independence with a huge bag of overnight clothes and plans to head to Connecticut. Plans quickly changed. Destiny, which we all call "Tuti" and is Jen's niece, was having a performance in her school today. So we packed up all the kiddies and headed on our way to … Continue reading Tuti’s Performace

Chicken Nuggets

wilfredo and my chunky self After getting in trouble at work numerous times for my tardiness, today I woke up early. No idea how, considering the fact that I got home from a long night of partying, drinking and tacos at 7am. I got dressed, took my time left my house on time and proceeded … Continue reading Chicken Nuggets