How sad is it, that you have some different great locations in your hometown and you never get to experience them? So many people travel to NYC to see all the sights, buildings, monuments etc. and knowing that we have all of this beauty in our backyard and just letting it go to waste.

Oli and I met up, for our first time visit to The Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Everything was absolutely stunning. We walked in on a sunny day , bright and gorgeous. The colors were so vivid. We kept stopping at almost every flower. When we arrived at the wishing well, I already had an idea of what I wanted.

Hanging out with Oli is always the best. We catch up on all of our boy troubles and cutesy moments. We discuss work and what’s our next moves in life.

We stopped by the gift shop where I fell with the cutest succulent (love those!) I regret not buying it. After all the walking and getting caught in the rain, it was time for what I do best…wine.

We ordered some rosé and split some sweet potatoes fries…yum!

Church in the Metro

I’m one to understand that everyone has a right to their own opinion, their beliefs, their own mannerisms, their own customs etc. Everyone is entitled to believe in something, no matter if I, or the person next to me agrees with it or not. You have a right to your own.

I enter the subway car, making my way to work, like usual. There’s already a man preaching telling us that Jesus is our savior. About 5 minutes later a woman tunes in, and now there’s two people taking over the audio in the cart.. All we hear is the word, I could barely hear my own thoughts. The clapping, they’re so loud.

Again, I feel you have the right to believe in whatever you want, don’t get me wrong. I believe in God, but I feel my relationship with God, is my relationship with God. I don’t go running around rubbing my religion in your face. I don’t disturb the peace and quiet of others. Consideration goes a long way, and right now, as much as I may agree with what they are saying, that doesn’t mean I have to hear it on my commute.

Now I have a the lady sitting next to me, saying hallelujah and amen, chiming with the other two and she’s starting to sing. We are not in church, and we’re not in the Apollo. There’s a time and place for everything. This is going to be a long  ride.

Science Project at Sweet Science

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxWhen I say something, I get it done. i told you guys I was going to start going to more artshows and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I decided to drag Chris with me, on a last minute notice, after a few beers. We headed to Sweet Science where I got to see the works of longtime friend Yes One, the infamous Shiro, and a lovely artist by Vik NYC that I haven’t seen in years. Last time was about almost 8 years ago, so it was nice to touch base and catch up quickly. It’s crazy how fast time goes by, and that only made me realize how long it has been since I started my love for attending art galleries. I love to network with artists and just be surrounded by those with a creative eye, or even those who appreciate it.

I got to meet the sweetest event manager by Nikki, and if all goes well, maybe we’ll work together in the future (fingers crossed). After Chris ordered us some beers, Yes One and I caught up, roamed the lounge to see all the works, which were fabulous by the way, I got into action as well.

When bumping in to OldNYC76, Crooklyn and Millie, it was jokes all around, and it didn’t take me long to get in on the drawing action. I started hitting blackbooks, model trains and maps in no time. Damn, I sure missed that!

Links:   Sweet Science  |  Yes One  |  Shiro  |  Vik NYC  |  Oldnyc76  |  Crooklyn   | Millie  |

kiss kiss

City Life Inspired

DSC05928 DSC05936DSC05938While exiting the train,  I was just stuck in awe by the sunset. Since I was on the higher grounds, the tracks was such a nice touch. It felt like the sky and the city met and fell in love. I had to grab my camera and just take in that breath taking moment.

I just loved this one in black and white…it’s so dark and gloomy, it reminds me of Gotham City.gotham by minxWell, now that I can breathe again… later guys!

sig 2

Simply Stunning Sunset

DSC06084I don’t know about you guys, but did you notice almost everyone was uploading pictures of the sky the other day?

Question is, can you blame them?

I was on the train, on my way home from work and the sky with that sunset was jaw dropping. The colors were so vibrant and blended beautifully.

I wasn’t the only who noticed either.

Everyone around me kept stopping to take a picture.

These are two of the ones I snapped.

Plus, I got some good graffiti from Trap in the process, so why not!?


Tuti’s Performace

I met up with Jen in Fort Independence with a huge bag of overnight clothes and plans to head to Connecticut.
Plans quickly changed. Destiny, which we all call “Tuti” and is Jen’s niece, was having a performance in her school today.
So we packed up all the kiddies and headed on our way to the MNR. With all the noise and hyper moves everyone quickly scattered giving us places to sit.
That’s Michael, Jen’s brother hooking me up with some chicken wings while we wait for our train to arrive!
Jesse, the youngest brother,Jen and I.
Since we had no napkins to clean up after those chicken wings, to clean up Justen’s hands Jen had the mastermind idea of using pantyliners.lol Oh, man……Poor Justen, he looked humiliated, especially after I snapped a pic!

After finally arriving, a few stops before Poughkeepsie, we were picked up and drove to the school. Though I didn’t get a chance to grab a pic, the school looked beautiful, spacious and almost as if it was fake and able to be used as a backdrop for some cliche highschool movie.

Tuti did great though. She first sang Adele’s Someone like you, then Ceelo Green’s Forget You. of course, it has to be forget you, keeping it classy for the kids.

She then came out, sang and danced a trio in her stunning glittery red dress. Yes, the definitely stole the show!

Here’s a few pics of her special night. ( You guys should already know when you click on any picture it becomes larger )

Everyone was so proud of her! Once the show was over, we all headed out to Giacomo’s for pizza. Where my plate was looking way too good for my own good. I had pizza, a philly cheese steak, philly cheese chicken and some organic fresh mozzarella pizza that was waaaaaay too good!

This family is so inviting, you can clearly see how much love they have for one another. I’ve met many of them on separate occasions, but there’s something about special occasions, I felt so welcomed and grateful for being able to share this moment with them.

Look how cute they are !
Especially with all these little princesses running around who are so fond of their uncles and daddies. Too adorable!

Look at how awesome my plate is, well was..yum! After getting fat we all headed to Mayra, Jen’s sister house and started talking and then a nerf gun fight started!!

I was ready for war.. especially since there was only gun! I would catch the ammo, stuffing my bra with the neon green bullets until I was ready for war!

Once things calmed down we had a little glow in the dark, uv, blacklight fun.

Of course I couldn’t resist leaving my mark with some glow in the dark markers on Jen’s leg =]

Until next time readers !

Chicken Nuggets

wilfredo and my chunky self

wilfredo and my chunky self

After getting in trouble at work numerous times for my tardiness, today I woke up early. No idea how, considering the fact that I got home from a long night of partying, drinking and tacos at 7am.
I got dressed, took my time left my house on time and proceeded to the bus stop. In a relaxed mood, I pick up my phone and start blogging. That’s when I get most of my timer to update you guys, from mobile. Then whenever I have free time at home ill post the pictures for you to see.
I’m on the subway platform, in the train. At peace and getting that feeling of ” yes motherfucker, I’m finally gonna get to work on time and prove you shitholes wrong. ”
I spoke to soon. The stupid lady voice in the intercom announces that there is an interrupution and there will be subway delays because of a customer injury in 14th st.
Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! Why couldn’t someone fall into the tracks another day!?
Shitty of me to say of course, not to mention selfish.
I arrived at work 25 minutes late. Just what I needed. Not to mention the stupid imprinted look on my boss’ face. Here we go again, hearing the same old shit.
But it kills me more that I actually got my ass up on time to get here, and still didn’t.
I must have done something to somebody for my karma getting fucked up that way today.
The brightest side of my day so far has me being able to finally take a lunch break with one of my favorite coworkers, Wilfredo.
For a year now, we always took lunch together, and since we’ve had new management. Its been a struggle and bitch ever since. According to them two people can’t go at the same time. And I know for sure that’s complete bullshit. 1) we are in two totally different job categories. Which don’t interfere with the other and 2) everyone else always go to lunch with someone else. It’s fine though, we don’t make a big deal about it.
Wilfredo and I started a week apart from each other. So we basically learned the ropes together and have been inseparable ever since. The other guys always pick on us because they believe we’re dating. That’s definitely not the case. We just get along great.
So we headed to mickey d’s and got fat. And caught up on our bullshitness and he’s preaching to me about being on time, and telling me I need to stop drinking so much. And if I don’t, to at least try to catch up on some sleep because I don’t get any. I just look at him and roll my eyes. And he already knows to change the conversation.
I punch back in and realize he’s punching out to leave. Now I’m stuck here for 4-5 more hours reading my new magazine that I already skimmed through while the dumbass train was stuck in a tunnel.
On a lighter note: I hope the dumb broad that fell in the tracks is still breathing.