Marcus’s Dirty Thirty

Sometimes we never have the time we want to do the things we want to do. Marcus, one of Chris’s long time friends has been insisting on us hanging out. Even better yet, for me to meet his girlfriend, now fiance Macy (Congratulations by the way!) Now that Marcus’s was officially turning 30, his momma was throwing him a surprise party, his dirty thirty.

I was so glad that this one decided not to drive, which means we were at full liberty to get fucking wasted. It’s actually been a little while since we had the freedom to let loose, so Marcus, thank you for turning old.


It’s a Good Birthday for Goody

Birthdays are always fun, and for Goody this was only 2 out of 7 of his celebrations.

At our arrival, everyone had already scarfed down all the pizza’s that were ordered at Rizzo’s on Clinton St.

The after party was at The Late Late on Houston and Goody had the whole downstairs to himself. MaryAnn and I chugged down some pretty big beers. I ordered her a pilsner, and since it was her first time trying it, she said it was pretty good. Go me.

Goody’s birthday was just as his name, good. Thank you for inviting us, and hope your new year is a blast!