Ciara’s 30th at Uptown Social

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxMy cousin Ciara is officially 30!

Not only were we celebrating her big 3-0, but her long time boyfriend popped the question earlier this week as well. So two times the celebration!

Most of my cousins have babies now, and this was going to be their first time going out since popping out humans. I couldn’t miss this. I was a little upset at first because I got stuck going in to the wrong place at first. (someone forgot to text me, cough cough)  No worries, I headed to Uptown Social and all the girls were partying already, looking gorgeous as ever too. I was ready for a drink and decided to go with pineapple ciroc and orange juice. I usually never go for light liquor, but fuck it, why not?

Apparently all the girls decided to ditch the men tonight, so I guess that worked out, which I found pretty funny and convenient.

I felt so bad for my cousin Evelyn, who’s purse had gone missing, no idea how either, since we were in one specific corner the whole night in VIP, and no one but us was really in our section.

Lionela was doll and drove me home, something that I was grateful fur because my heels as comfy as they were, were still tall. haha.

I kept telling Ciara she looked Elvira, because she had this killer long black dress with her boobs all out, a split down the leg and the longest lashes ever!

Dancing was just what us girls needed.

Happy Birthday Ciara!

Israeli Salsa Congress & Holy Land Salsa Tour 2014

But why did my heart just melt right now….

I bumped into this video of kids dancing salsa right now and I am just in awe of how amazing the footwork is.

Maybe my latina soul took over, because I’m dyiiing to go spanish dancing.

Mind you I may not be as good as these kids, but give me  a bottle of wine and I can make believe I am!





I in no way own this video, know the kids, or know the salsa tour