Pizza Zoo at Space Ibiza

After the last Pizza Zoo, I made it my mission to start attending more positive vibed events. This time around I invited Nicole to join me. We both needed a night out, and this was perfect. Naturally she arrived at the space first, especially because once I was already  by 96th Street, I realized I had forgotten my ID. All the rush of changing wallets makes you forget things. I was dedicated in not bringing a purse with me. I wanted to dance and anything extra I was carrying would have just been a burden. Best decision.The guys who originally created the Pizza Zoo event, must be ecstatic out of their minds on how big this phenomenon has become. Twitter and social media marketing is a wonderful tool when used correctly. When I arrived the line was a block long. The longest I’ve had to wait for one of their events. It’s all good though, once I got inside I was ready to bump in to Nikki. Since my battery was dying my snapchat got no love, but I think it was for the best. We got to experience everything the way it was supposed to be. The rooftop was nice and relaxing compared to how tight and packed it was on the main floor. The dancers by the DJ booth where dressed in a colorful thong with a glittered head piece in shape of a dinosaur. Let me tell you,  these girls could move. The whole time I was just thinking, “Damn, I want to move like that.”Nikki was surprised at how nice everyone was. Especially because every time someone goes clubbing or dancing, you have many that are nasty towards each other. If you bump into someone by mistake, step on someone’s shoe, or even the cattiness in the girl’s restroom, someone is ready to fight. That wasn’t the case here. Everyone is smiling and so inviting. You have to love that energy.

Things were so crazy, at one point you see some girl twerking on a guy dressed in a full T-rex costume, and next thing you know there’s a guy crowd surfing…in a wheelchair!

Well, thank you Pizza Zoo, for another eventful evening, you’ve also converted a new comer, Nikki into wanting to come to more of your events. Night!
love, minxinx