Loft and a Cobra

2minxinx2minxinxMy friend Marcela is visiting NYC from L.A. as soon as her plane landed I had plans ready to go. Initially we were going to head to Connecticut for my cousins’ housewarming get together. Since time wasn’t really on our side, plan B it wasn’t. No pill needed. I told Marcela to drop her bag and to throw something on quick. We headed to a loft party in  Bushwick where friend Smurfoudirty was djing.  When we got there it, it was this abandoned looking warehouse, and once we entered inside it looked like a mini version of The Phun Factory circa the 80’s, except there was actually tenants living there. What a dream come true! (spins around and waits for my fairy godmother to appear) I love places like this, because you never expect the inside to look like what appears from the exterior.2minxinxI’ll admit, we didn’t even bother getting into the actual party, there was so many people hanging out in the hallway and it seemed like it was almost over, so we decided to have some fun and roam around the building. We went to the rooftop first, where we got to see a pretty good view, including the Empire State Building, the lights were bright and Marcela was taking in the view, while shivering. Yet, here am I wearing shorts, even though I was pretty comfortable and she’s making fun of me because according to her, L.A. is never this cold.2minxinxWe roam around the building some more, where we find a creepy looking bullshit laundromat, I guess you can it that, since there was only one washer and dryer, and you guessed it, covered in graffiti. Not that I was complaining, I was loving every second of it, especially when we bumped into an old school elevator, you know the ones you only see on t.v. I tried to get it to work, but I’m guessing I needed a key… since it was looking pretty creepy, I decided today was not the day I needed to die. Moving on.2minxinx

After insisting I open the door to an apartment that looked open, someone grew some balls, and Marcela decided to open it. I was looking inside liek the nosy thing that I am, when I noticed a blonde sitting on a bar stool, what was weird, she turned around super slow with no type of expression…eeew, we ran sooo fast!

After surviving the warehouse, going home wasn’t an option. We walked into Cobra Club. Some hole in the wall bar, that looked like it could belong to truckers. Right away we got into some argument with some douche-bag who felt like hogging the billiard table, after not dealing with his nonsense we headed to the back, where karaoke was going on.

Marcela, being the coward that she was, never went up, after insisting I go up. I decided to go up anyway, and sang my heart out to Joan Jett’s- Bad Reputation. i sucked! But according to the crowd, they liked it, I even had about 3 people come up to me afterwards to tell me I did good.

Let me not quit my day job!

kiss kiss

Wat-Aah! Taking Back The Streets

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxTime is getting the best of me. As you probably noticed, lately I haven’t been painting as much usual. I’ve been taking  my creative self and stepping behind the camera for a little while. I self teach myself everything I know, which I love to be able to say. Though I don’t know much, I’m glad that I have enough skills to get me to where I am so far. I started going to art shows again, and I couldn’t be more excited. I missed it so much. The environment itself is addicting, regardless of what’s being plastered on the walls. Being surrounded by other fellow artists is inspiring. Which only means I need to get my lazy butt picking up some brushes already, it’s about that time.

I met up with Mheartstar, my lovely date for the night. I haven’t seen in her a couple of months, last time being the day we played Princesses for a day with Chevy (Read that post HERE) It was time to catch up and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus I know she’s been wanting to hit up a couple of art shows, and slowly end up having one for herself. I’ve had this event written on my calendar for some time now, and I was eager to go. As luck would have it, I was super grateful for giving MHS the directions before my phone decided to give up on me, somehow I got the black screen of death, and all I wanted to do was just scream!

We met up and arrived at Wat-Aah’s launch event in the city. It was beautiful. I was surrounded by fantastic works of art, and even managed to bump into familiar faces, both in the crowd and artists that were displaying work… like Smurfo. I’ve known him since highs chool, and even though we had cliques of our own, he was always sweet and super talented. There were many other artist that were displaying work like Ski_UrNewYork, Cope2, Indie 184, Jerkface, Iheart and many many more.

Mhs and I were running around ooohing & aaahing at all the works, and basically hunting down booze. We had some champagne and the Brooklyn’s Brewer’s beer was on point. Made me super happy.But then again, when doesn’t booze do that.

Feel free to check out the links below and make some friends!


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Smurfoudirty:   Website  |   Instagram  |

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