New Artwork: Mildred

AAAAAh, I'm excited! I've been working on this sketch for a couple of days now. As you all know, I'm giving this website a whole makeover. It's a work in progress, I have a lot more to do, but it'll get there. I'm slowly fixing all the links, which include my outdated "bio" that I … Continue reading New Artwork: Mildred

Minx Mail Response from Rachael

Ah! I just love when my work goes to people who truly appreciate it. I sent this little package to Rachael and sent me a tweet telling me how grateful she was. She's gonna frame the sketch I drew out for her and give her a home in her room, awwww. Thank you Rachael for … Continue reading Minx Mail Response from Rachael

New Sketch: Bead & Buck

Here's a new ink sketch that just came to me while at work, during my lunchbreak. I like how her cheekbones came out, and her buck teeth peek out.... but my favorite is the bangs. awwww, I remember when mine used to look like that! I miss when my hair used to be cute. This … Continue reading New Sketch: Bead & Buck

Never Made Its

Here's another round of Never Made Its. Those random pictures that just have never made it to get their own post on the site. Mostly random pictures through out the day. You can find most of these on my instagram, if you're not folowing me already! @2minxinx Get to it! Stuck at work looking like … Continue reading Never Made Its


Here's another batch of New Mini Yous. Please stay posted for more to come. Also, you can view the person's instagram simply by clicking on their picture.... so go ahead, make a new friend! If you would like to have your own simply click here for more details : Mini You