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Mood Board: March 2017 Wants

      Why is it that as adult, our wish list is usually boring stuff, like making sure my rent is paid, there’s food in the fridge and bills, bills, bills (Insert Destiny’s Child meme here). Not only that, everything is more expensive. tear. I’ve been wanting to re-do my living space. I want to be able to walk into a room that inspires me, and that is the complete opposite of what’s going on right now. I’m donating half of my wardrobe, but it still seems like I don’t have enough space. Having no closet means I only have to improvise, and this cute wall unit with drawers seems perfect. I can display my nice heels or bags in the glass compartment, and stuff my jeans in the drawers.
I’ve also been wanting a new desk, more precisely a corner desk. The one I have now is wobbly and I hate that i’s so bulky and in the way. I fell in love with the one above, but it’s discontinued. How upsetting. I have a dual monitor set up on my PC, so I gotta figure out how I will make that work…. but first, find the desk!
I have a couch in my room, and I love having it. I only wish it wasn’t so space consuming. This chaise looks perfect enough for my guests when they come over, and I’ll still have space to dance around my room when no one is here.

I guess my main thing is simplifying and creating more space.

I’ve been investing in myself this year. Step one of that is investing in my craft, and I can’t do that with outdated equipment. (Read what I was working with HERE) I’ve moved on over to Apple, so my iphone 7 plus is always on my side now, my ipad pro has helps me create easier than ever and my macbook is so easy to carry…I hate the outrages prices for all these gadgets, but it’s been making my life so much simpler. I can’t complain.
The next gift I’m giving myself has to be a new camera. I was going to get the rebel t6i, but after doing a lot of homework, I learned the t7i comes out in March. How perfect, especially for my birthday. Hey, no one spoils me but me, so why not? I have the t3i at home, and I shoot blind since I dropped it many moons ago. It still works perfectly fine, but the view finder gets on my nerves. i could repair it.. but why, when I could get a new toy.
As a woman, we tend to love accessories. The bag pictured above looks roomy enough to carry all my essentials. I’ve been looking at laptop bags, but then the camera won’t fit. I look at camera bags, but then the laptop won’t fit. First world problems. This bag looks prefect. Now I only need to find out where to get it.

What’s on your shopping list this month?

Mood Board: July 2016 Wants

  I need a huge change.  I have a list of things I want to do, career wise, travel, love life, creating, etc. I have so much on my plate, sometime even something as simple as walking into an apartment that doesn’t feel  like “home”  can be a bummer.  I want to be able to walk into a space that not only reflects my personality, but inspires me to create and grow. I need a refresher,. Though my goal living space is huge artistic loft (which I’m no where close  to) a girl can still dream. I’ve been slowly throwing away a lot of materialistic crap, that are just taking up space. it doesn’t need to be there, so out to the trash it goes. I try to tell myself, everything I own has a home, and though staying tidy ism’t always  easy ( many artistic persons are messy) I think I’m slowly getting better.

I love white furniture, it gives the illusion of more open space. I have a quirk for funky furniture, because you still need that one piece to stand out, and scream “look at me!” A closet organized is a women’s fantasy come true, I just adore all the  little storage boxes  pictured above. (Remind me to buy some of those) and I would forever have a love for succulents and cacti. I would really love to have my own mini garden Right now it doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, since i barely have any windows or outdoor space, but soon.. I’ll make it happen. For now, I’ll just have to swoon every time I pass a flower shop.

This mood board is in influencing me to get to work,  not only to keep saving up for my dream spot, but to make the same you’re currently in, your own. A safe haven.

Desirables : February 2016 Wants | Rose Gold Obsession

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I’ve been stuck in rose gold heaven lately. All I want is to switch over all my golden jewelry for the bronze hue. I’ve been going bat shit crazy on ebay looking for something that may spike my interest.

Now that we’re in February I’ve always dread everything and anything pink. Oh, how funny life is sometimes. (Last year’s February Wants) Now all I want to do is bathe myself in soft colors, anything that will take the roughness away from me. I want to be soft and pretty, like a lady..giggles.

Not that all ladies are soft, pretty and adorned in pink… you have to love those bad asses too.

Do yourself a favor, I’ll be doing myself a favor…

Someone once told me “I’m not getting you any flowers”.

Well, I can buy my own damn flowers, thank you!

There’s no need on waiting on a valentine, treat yourself.


Because Unlimited Mimosas

I love playing catch up with my MaryAnn!

This time we decided to meet in the Heights, I almost never go all the way up there. M suggested the popular Apt.78 , you know the one that hosts all the Brunch Bounces and Pizza Zoos. When we got there, the place was packed with no where to sit. Wait time was 40 minutes, and I wasn’t willing to wait.

Since Locksmith Burger Bar is right next door, that’s where we headed. I’ve been there before a couple times, for Zero’s birthday and then maybe two other times for just drinks with friends. It’s always been a blast, and the food has always been good.

You guys know my addiction to burgers, and this one was perfect, what was even better? Since we made it to brunch, unlimited mimosas were being offered, and how could I possibly refuse? Even after I told myself I wouldn’t do too much drinking….I lied.

A group of three guys walked in, and since all the big tables were taken, M and I were chivalrous enough to move to a smaller table. They were gracious, and ended up buying us a shot of patron. We toasted and said thank you.

After all of our mimosas, we asked for another refill, and gave it to the guys, they laughed at how we were trying to get them messed up, and we juts laughed it off. Told them it was nice meeting them and we on our way.

M and I did a little shopping, and every store we walked into, we kept dancing around the aisles. We were in the  mood for dancing, and we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I had work in the morning, or else I would have been throwing on some heels and was willing to dance tipico all night!

Desirables: December 2015 Wants

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It’s a new month, which means I want new things hahaha.

I’ve been going crazy buying equipment for my camera and the only thing I thing that I need now is this wide lens. The Sony Sel 16mm-20mm f2.8, it’s going to be great for when I want to take better landscape photography.

Ever since I lost my pretty pink bike, see that HERE, I’ve been on the hunt for a new one, but didn’t want to invest in something temporarily. Since my apartment has so much crap in it already, ever since the folding bikes became more popular and more affordable, I think it’s time to finally take the plunge. This foldable Shwinn would be perfect!!! Ugh. I need it now.

My wardrobe for work is all black, all the time, and as much as I love it, I start to hate it too. My go to colors have been brown and grey, and yes.. I even wear them together. Who cares? Somehow, I always find a way to make things work. Plus, blending these neutral colors make my days off,mornings getting ready a breeze.

And yes, I’m aware I forgot to add lucky number 7.

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Shopping with the Ro’s

My Uncle Juan Carlos from my Bio Dad’s side is getting married this weekend. Which means everyone is running around doing some last minute shopping. My Aunt Liza, was fussy and desperately wanted to be anywhere but here. She had a big test she needed to study for, and 2 days of her looking for a dress had her in the crankiest mood.

I haven’t seen my Tio and Titi in almost forever.

Sometimes I still find it funny, since we’re all around the same age, and I’m considered the niece, my uncle being a few years older than me, and my aunt being 3 years younger than me. hahaha..

When Liza asked me, “if you have a baby, what I would technically be called?” I started cracking up. I guess a 2nd aunt. Not that I’m planning on any of that anywhere near soon.As soon as I walked in to the store, the first dress I picked up was a cute little gold number with a jeweled neck line. I tried it on and called it a day. Pick number one, not bad Minxie.

Liza finally found a dress, and now it was time to hunt for food. Applebees was having a sale, so we decided to go big and then go home. I ordered the sirloin steak, with garlic parmesan shrimp. So good, except that I order my steak medium, and got well done.

First world problems.

It was a nice change spending time with the other half of my family. I’ll tell you this, they’re definitely funny and loud.  Cheers to more good times.