Raulin and Racoons

It’s no surprise that Hispanics love their music. Mami messaged me, that not only Yenny was sleeping over, there was a free salsa concert going on, right in the neighborhood. I was actually a little stunned since I’ve never seen one take place deep in the boondocks where she lives. I said I would meet them after work non the less.

Raulin Rosendo is a Dominican salsa singer, he’s pretty known for songs like, Lady Laura, Uno Se Cura and Que a voy Hacer.I’ll be honest, I know close to nothing about celebrities, their names and what they look like. And that goes for both Spanish and English speaking celebrities. I could care less. However, once that song plays, I’ll know exactly who they are. It’s all about the music baby. As soon as I arrived at the park and heard the tunes, it was undeniable and I started to sing right away. 

The family was all set up with chairs, and let me tell you, my Abuela was looking beautiful. She was smiling and clapping her hands to the rhythm. Adorable.

After the concert it was time to get some grub, we waited for Kiki to get gome drom work so we can head out.  Surprisingly we were all there. Usually one of the siblings are missing (there is five of us). You know, life, bills, plans and what not. We showed up to Seafood City in City Island, I’ve been here once and had a great time. I always go to Tony’s Pier, you know, the one all the way to end and to the right, like almost every single person I know describes it. 

We order about 3 combos so we can all split, since most of us weren’t even hungry in the first place. Good thing too, because waiting for the food to be ready took 40 minutes! Yeah, we were hungry and pretty inpatient by then. And we both know I don’t even have to tell you that my brother a Luis was the first one at the bar, his henny colada was pretty strong. I took a sip and woke right up!

I wasn’t drinking, I ordered myself a fruit punch and decided to go in on some mozzarella sticks instead. I’ve been trying to slow down on alcohol. I find that I still manage to have a great time with or without so why do it excessively? 

We’re dining in the back of the restaurant, outdoors where the view shines with all the lights that New York City for our visitors to see. Until something else catches our eyes. We see a racoon about 30 feet away digging in the trash. We all feast our eyes on the odd sight, until we noticed there’s  two of them. They’re both tag teaming on this trash bin trying to look for food. But wait, I’m not done,  two skunks join the party. I have never seen a real skunk in my life,  the only skunk I’ve ever known is Pepe Le’ Peu. Jeremy is off repeating himself that it’s not funny, that one time are school there was a skunk and the smell was horrible, and that we didn’t want to get this one angry and all this other other stuff. While Luis and Alexis got a little closer like the daredevils they are to go try and take a selfie. We were all cracking up, except for Jula who kept screaming, oh my god, oh my God, oh my God, oh yeah God. Yet, she starts throwing fries at them.

Behind us, a woman just falls straight down to the ground, and we don’t know if she’s drunk or if she’s sick, so we try not to laugh. Some staff come over to assist her getting up, and she’s busy leaning over the table and can’t get her equilibrium right.

Two disasters, and we don’t know where to look. We kept breaking our necks to look at the ladies, and then to make sure the Racoons and skunks weren’t too close. I was still munching on my shrimps though.

Family: Boarding the Infinity

Let me just start with we had every intention on bringing my cousin Yenny and my Abuela Lidia with us. I was actually pretty bummed out that they couldn’t join us. They would have loved tonight. The music, the view. The experience. But I guess it’s not up to me to always show people a good time, even though I’m pretty damn good at it.
Let’s start at the beginning. Like I mentioned in my previous post (if you follow along) the girls were supposed to take Yenny to the Dominican Parade. We haven’t been since Jasmine passed away, it to wouldn’t be the same. Since Yenny was here for her visit, we figured now was the time if ever. Since the parade was early  I’d figured wake up early, hit Fifth Avenue with the ladies, get back home by 2pm and start getting ready for the boat ride. I would be exhausted, but I can accomplish anything. Yeah, that plan did not end up happening at all. I woke up at 10am to only find out the girls had overslept and were hungover.  What are you going to do?

Oh well, I had a yellow dress to throw on, and Chris threw on some nice ass boat shoes. I think we looked pretty good if I say so myself. I knew I was going to be dancing up a storm, and I didn’t want this Dominican do to get all crazy, so a bunch it was. Alex Bueno, Luis Vargas, J’Martin and Max Banda were performing, it was going to great, and that it was.  I love spanish music and I was ready to dance.Super Vip was packed, I mean packed. Unlimited food and drinks seemed like a tease when hot baby drinks are being served to you. The guys ended up splurging at the bar anyway, buckets after buckets, and shots all around. Yeah, someone were feeling it more than others.  I on the other hand was having a blast with the music, and dancing. My dad was loving it too. He’s a hit!

While outside, enjoying the view it started to drizzle a bit, it didn’t last long and the breeze felt amazing. Spending time and making memories with my family was even better. I hope we start having more great nights like this.

love, m

Bembe After Dark

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxFor the first time in a long time,  I was way to busy to bother taking pictures of my night. Good thing Nikki was on camera duty and I managed to get a few to share with you guys. As I mentioned before, long time friend Pia was in town from L.A. So it was our duty to jam pack her stay with good times and a lot of drinks. This is one of those nights where there was plenty of both of those to go around.

Location: Bembe in Williamsburg.

I had never been there, but have heard good things, I was mainly excited because everyone chose a spanish spot, something I’ve been urging to do since forever. I got to talking to one of the dj’s at the bar, while I waited for everyone to arrive, and he mentioned how every day of the week there’s something different going on. Reggae nights, Jazz nights, etc. I was all in, but for now, I was exited to hear some salsa. Which I later found out was more Brazilian style, so everything was more of a electronic latin mix. Not that I’m complaining, and neither was anyone else. We shaking our hips, all on top of each other!

Red Stripes, shots, ginger ales and Jamesons.

We were feeling the buzz in no time, can’t you tell by that last picture?

sig 2

Israeli Salsa Congress & Holy Land Salsa Tour 2014

But why did my heart just melt right now….

I bumped into this video of kids dancing salsa right now and I am just in awe of how amazing the footwork is.

Maybe my latina soul took over, because I’m dyiiing to go spanish dancing.

Mind you I may not be as good as these kids, but give me  a bottle of wine and I can make believe I am!





I in no way own this video, know the kids, or know the salsa tour

Viva Toro

1Sometimes a night out is all a girl needs.

Sometimes liquor can be your best friend.

After a long day of having plans to be super hicked out and go out dancing to watched a band play tipico live.. we were all excited.

For those that don’t know what tipico is, it’s basically Dominican music, it’s a very fast merengue. And I for one, love it.

I would rather make plans to go dance spanish music than to listen to english music anyway.

But maybe that’s just because I’m latina.

2After our tipico adventures fell through the cracks, we all wanted to go out and decided to head to Viva Toro in Julievets request.

It’s in Williamsburg and just like Johnny Utah’s it had a mechanical bull inside.

Unlike Johnny Utah’s (which I’ve been to sooo many times due to the fact that i used to work in 5th Ave) the bull is an additional expense, which gave Viva Toro a negative point.

But Viva Toro redeemed themselves over Johnny’s because of the DJ.

He was on point, I was excited and ready to dance.

3But what else is new?

I haven’t danced in so long!

And no, me dancing in front of my mirror with a b room does not count.

Since Julievet wasn’t up to shaking her hips, I got to take turns with my pick of dancing partners.

I danced merengues with my brother Luis.

Salsa with Julievet’s brother Frank.

Bachatas and everything else with Mr.Minx, Q.4Q was in a great mood, and I couldn’t  of asked for better company.

Since I didn’t see him in a few days, due to work and craziness,

I was missing him so much.

When he first showed up, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning, I sprinted up from my chair and wiggled my way to him to give him a huge hug.5And obviously, a little more than that. hehehe.

Ciroc and hookah, what a lovely mix, bleand it with great music and amazing company.

It was a good night, and even though I’m not a partying person like I used to be when I was younger, I wouldn’t mind having more of these.

6 7 8 10 11

Woot woot, lap dances!12 13 14

Ikea Cherry Bombs

This is a two day post… because let’s face it… we never leave each other in the first place. I haven’t slept in 36 hours and I headed to Jaga’s, Ari was already there, while we waited for Jerm to show up.

We were headed to Ikea to do some house shopping. I swear whenever I go to Ikea it’s like I’m a kid at a candy store. We ended up getting a whole bunch of pots and pans, dishes and silverware since Jerm needed to update the crappy ones he had before.

We ended up getting lost on the highway on our way back from Jersey and of course like everything else, it’s my fault. I get blamed for everything. hahaha.

It was my turn to cook, so at 12 am we headed to the supermarket and stocked up. I ended up making up pork sirloin with totones. Sooooo good.

We ended up falling asleep, stuffed with smiles on our faces. Day 2: I spent the day cleaning, headed home and showered up. Somehow I ended up cooking again.

This time we had Moscato Rose, to wash down the food and Cherry Bombs for dessert.

Today we were celebrating the call back that I got from my new future job. I start in September and I couldn’t be more happier.

I was excited to be watching the new Thundercats series that was premiering on cartoonnetwork.  I loved the new animation, Chitara looked fucking sexy! But they had the timeline all fucked up…

Good food, good drinks, good friends, good laughs and better memories.

And in memory of the late Joe Arroyo, this is me and Jerm dancing to: No le pegue la negra:, Don’t mind the retardedness and the boxers: