A Little Bit of Him

Relationships aren’t easy, they’re a lot of work and are never perfect. That doesn’t mean I would change mine,  I’m blessed to have a bond with such a challenging man. I know that may sounds like the opposite of what someone wants, but I’m constantly learning new things about myself, especially on how to have patience lol.

Tonight is Christopher’s night and soon as he got home from work I was ready to pounce on him. He hinted last night about Salsa Con Fuego, a restaurant lounge that we’ve been itching to go to, and this was the night. Chris made the reservation and did his homework on the menu and wine list, by the time we showed up, dressed to impressed might I add, we were ready to order.

The wine was nice and not too sweet, the coconut shrimp was delicious and tiny, and the steak was perfect for two. I’m so glad we decided to share a plate, I was stuffed, and as superficial as it sounds, I wanted to look good in my dress.

Alex Sensation is one of my favorite DJ’s, so when Chris told me he was going to be in attendance, I was jumping out of my chair. Like any Dominican, I was ready to dance! Tonight was beautiful, I had an amazing time with an even more of an amazing human being.

May we have more memories to come, thank you for being you.

♥, M