New Body Art: Bashful Blonde Bombshell

armsupJust because I’m away for a little while doesn’t mean I won’t get any work done… hey, have we just met!?

Stay busy, stay focused. David Zayas Jr. captured the shyest blonde bombshell I’ve ever met by the name of Leslie.

She was so nervous, I had to kick everyone out into another room just so I can paint her.

Since I NEVER really make sketches beforehand, and just go with the flow, her coyness just made me draw one of my Minxettes in the fetus position, protecting herself yet still smiling.

Heh, kind fit didn’t it?

The plaid she was rocking spoke to me, and since I almost usually work with with red, this bashful beauty needed some fiery passion to make her pop!

I hope you guys like!

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Just a Little Brighter

the before

The before picture…

I’m always changing up my hair, though this wasn’t a dramatic change… it’s going to be a slow process to one… I get so bored easily, let’s pray for the best and hope I don’t end up bald.


I went to Kat’s Aunt’s salon… I’ve been dying my own hair myself since the age of 16, but since I promised myself I would never fuck with bleach again, and I was going to do just do that, to a professional I went, and Yaya was perfect.


I knew I definitely wanted to be lighter, brighter… but didn’t have a specific color in mind… Though I did fall in love with a gorgeous green… ( maybe in time )

We stuck with just bleach for now to get rid of some of my burgundy and I ended up with a fire red instead, which I love.

just finishednext day at work

It’s so bright and Yaya did great, especially since the only direction I told her was that I wanted a ombre in reverse. Light on top and dark on the bottom.

The picture above was just once she finished and the one next to it is once I got to work and gave it a few curls to go with my personality.

ooooh yeah.


Yes, I’m still posting up individual art pieces of the show. I tried to keep this one as simple as I could, do to how much of the color red I was using. Red instantly makes you stare, ( note, why when someone wears red lipstick, you instantly look at their lips ). I didn’t want the different shades of red taking away from it all, so I stuck to two different prints and called it a day.

Here’s the final product:

This piece is currently for sale.

Email me if you interested in owning this 16×20 canvas