New Artwork: Giving Piece of Trash a New Life

Mami recently told me she had a project for me. Uh Oh. I had no idea what she was going to ask for, and usually in the past when I showed my mother any of my artwork, she would say it was nice… but really quickly would find something wrong and not be afraid to mention it.

This time, a washing machine was on the fritz, so when the tech guys came to replace the tumbler inside of it, the old one was going straight to the trash. Mami wanted to re-purpose this hug metal cylinder and I was the one for the job. All that info that I really received was this it was going to be used as a planter, and that I could paint whatever I wanted on it. Well, you know, except for boobs, because we all know who I am. So okay, no pressure!

I had no idea what I wanted to paint on this thing, but I knew I wanted it to be a pattern. Something simple but a little intricate to show off some actual work went into it. And trust me, it did.

We took a trip to home depot, stacked up on some spray paint, and some oil based black exterior paint and I was ready to go.

Since I’m only ever truly around the parent’s  on weekends, This  project was going to have to work in sessions, because I possibly couldn’t do it all in one sitting. Spray painting the base a nice cobalt blue was the easy part, once it dried I added some hunter green swirls and some yellow triangles to give it some shape…(see what I did there)

Once that dried, the tedious part came about. I don’t know who in the hell told me to do this, and at the point of starting I was regretting it, but the first swirl had been made., so I had to finish it. And the struggle was well worth it, because I just love how it came out. You may not be able to see it, but within all the swirls are all of my family members names hidden just enough for a little personalization.

Now that the last clear base was sprayed for protection form rain and such, this piece is living right in front, where everyone can see. And yes, my mother liked it!

What have you guys recycled and made in to something beautiful?

love, minxinx