A Blast With Some Ass

UntitledWhen I tell you I have ratchet friends, you better believe me…. and I absolutely love every second of it!
Kevin was celebrating another year of life, too bad he didn’t know there was a celebration going on. Maryann planned a surprise party and did her thing on the birthday cake. She had her mind set on an adult cake and after hunting and going crazy for someone to make it, she decided to make it herself. Best thing she did.
Once everyone showed up, had a few (alot of) drinks, played some beer pong and got dancing. .. we all started to pick on her, insisting the ass cake that she made looked like it was made to resemble her own ass. Straight to the pigment of her skin tone. She swore it wasn’t in purpose. ..mhmmm maryann!
I for one was ready to dance, especially some spanish music. I swear I’m addicted. Good thing for mw I had some ladies with awesome dance moves, I was sweating in no time.
I hope you guys enjoy these pics, I know I had a blast, and also…. Happy Birthday Kev!!!!

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2647 Harlem’s Grand Opening

1aOne of my lovely friends Tanya, invited me and our little clique to join her in the celebration of her boyfriend Richie’s new business.

After all his hard work, the opening to his new lounge 2647 Harlem had just arrived and I couldn’t wait to catch up with all the girls.2Richie wasn’t the only one who had a good night, Tanya was basically hosting the entire night, making sure everyone was okay,

but she also took a big part in displaying some of her work as well.

The stair case that leads to the soon to become VIP section  was filled with her work.
1She did absolutely great and I loved the colors she used. Especially that gold, wow.5

She had this whole 1920’s flapper jazz style going on and the details  were on point.4

I specifically loved the how linear and geometrical the prints were….6

Look at that city landscape ..gorgeous.3Notice how all the girls are busy taking glamour shots..


it’s just that we haven’t seen each other in so long!


Of course I dragged Q with me and he of course got a little too comfortable too quickly.8

We were dancing in no time.9

The place was great, I loved how it looks as if it were supposed to be an old school Speakeasy.10

Being ratchet at the stairs.11

I also got to meet Luisa also known as @pinnylu, she is such a sweetheart!12 13

Q and Tanya acting silly.15

Congrats guys!16